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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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Training 5 thousand a member on Finance and Banking


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Training 5 thousand a member on Finance and Banking

Post by rocky on Wed 02 Oct 2013, 3:01 am

Training 5 thousand a member on Finance and Banking

10/02/2013 12:00 AM

Baghdad - Mostafa Hashemi

Said director of banks at the Ministry of Finance , Dr. Hilal Taan that the center of the financial and accounting training to the Ministry of Finance 's systems during the current year specialized courses for more than 5000 trainees in the financial and banking departments and accounting .

He Taan told ( morning) has been rehabilitated a large number of employees of the ministries and the three presidencies of the Angels administrative , accounting and financial and banking as well as giving officials at the banks of the class A and B right Authorization instruments issued by banks after their success in the session, which lasts Center organized .

He explained that the center is one of the formations and the Ministry of Finance, was established under Law No. 93 of 1981.

Noting that the center promotes the task and responsibility of developing the skills and capabilities , knowledge and behaviors and patterns of the Angels financial and accounting in the Ministry of Finance and other ministries and departments not associated with the Ministry , including the mixed sector and civil society organizations , explaining that it comes to upgrading the performance of employees in the departments of Finance and others through the establishment of programs and courses rehabilitative and specialized training alike. He noted that the courses organized by the Center involving a large proportion of the staff along with a number of trainees from the private sector. Pointed out that the training center and the development of financial and accounting of the Ministry of Finance has trained about 15 thousand a member of the government departments and the Iraqi private sector during the year 2012. He to the center unique in terms of wages Avatar sessions hosted by ranging amount between 10 thousand and 30 thousand dinars per trainee per dependent so the duration of the program . continued Taan that the center issued an annual plan has organized courses for all disciplines of financial and banking , accounting, regulatory and administrative as well as tax legislation the insurance business to be then give them certificates of graduation courses practiced , adding that the center has subordinate units to him in all provinces . , and pointed out that the courses that Anzaa center training and development of financial and accounting this year include courses for training section of financial planning and public financial management , and training of accounting , and applications of financial legislation / programs affairs customs , and special programs affairs, tax , and special programs affairs, real estate , and special programs affairs, pensions, and programs judicial and other legal , training programs on business banks. and that there are specialized courses for a week or two weeks and each lasts for a month or 3 months and all custom specialization Vdorat cycle directing the Customs and Central departments 3 - month cycles aide banks managers period of two months .

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