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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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Financial and financial experts are considering creating a temporary sovereign fund


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Financial and financial experts are considering creating a temporary sovereign fund

Post by rocky on Wed 01 Nov 2017, 2:35 am

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Financial and financial experts are considering creating a temporary sovereign fund

 Baghdad / Range 

The Financial Advisor to the Prime Minister proposes to establish a "sovereign fund" to ensure economic development in the country. The head of research at the Central Bank of Iraq confirms how the fund is managed, prosecuted, financed and obstructed, and the need to benefit from the experience of other countries to develop its capabilities. And risks arising from mismanagement or use other than the purpose of establishing such fund.
The proposed fund is intended to be both temporary and investment. It serves as the guarantor and financier of infrastructure projects. It is financed from the allocations of these projects in the federal budget. It is constantly compensated by the foreign government guarantee agencies for guaranteeing timely and efficient completion and ongoing financing. 
Sovereign Sinking Funds are known in modern finance as a means by which business organizations and governments can put together a portion of money and accumulate it over time to extinguish their debt, ie money or money deposited when needed to extinguish a debt, or money deposited aside to extinguish The cost of capital equipment when it is depleted, including technical or technological extinction. The sub-funds enable the said organizations to repurchase their debt or bonds issued in whole or in part at prevailing prices or at preferential rates.
Financial Advisor to the Prime Minister Dr. The appearance of Mohammed Saleh, presented his proposal in a paper with other papers presented by officials and specialists in economic affairs during the second workshop organized by the Secretariat General of the Council of Ministers, within a series of workshops to discuss the topic "sovereign funds and their role in the development of the Iraqi economy." In his paper, Saleh said that in order to solve that difficult financing equation, Iraq's leverage or public debt capacity, which represents the ratio of public debt to GDP as a measure of leverage, should be constantly identified to provide a benchmark for the ability to sustain debt, That affects the health or safety of economic growth in the country.
On the other hand, the head of research of the Central Bank of Iraq, in the name of Abdul Hadi Hassan, a paper in which he talked about the options available to build a sovereign fund in Iraq in the current circumstances and the prospect of future development, and presented the vision of building a sovereign fund or more, and how to manage and governance and financing and obstacles The paper also addressed some of the successful global experiences and types of assets that the Fund or the proposed funds might have and suggested forming a working group to establish a sovereign fund with a plan to develop its capabilities in the light of the experiences of other countries.
The former Minister of Science and Technology Dr. The paper discussed the forms and legal frameworks of the funds, their structures, management and governance, as well as the risks they may face and the conditions of success of the investment of development funds within the country. The advantages and risks of mismanagement or use other than the objectives of incorporation, in addition to addressing the model of the Deposit Fund and the secretariats of France and its functions and financing and the bodies that supervise and monitor the performance, Texas State School, a Texas fund that aims to fund state-run schools.
And explained the head of the Department of Economics at the Faculty of Management and Economics, University of Mustansiriya d. Falah Hassan Thueni, in his paper the possibilities of establishing a sovereign wealth fund in Iraq, citing the experience of the Development Fund for Iraq, which was established by the Security Council resolution, and talked about why it did not achieve the desired development, and reviewed sovereign funds in the world and the value of assets. His paper focused on the rationale for the establishment of an Iraqi sovereign fund and the missed opportunity for Iraq not to establish such a fund when there was financial abundance due to the rise in crude oil prices and to discuss the requirements of establishing the sovereign fund and its proposed organizational structure. His origins.
The head of the Iraqi Fund for Foreign Development in the Ministry of Finance, Hussein Jaber Al-Khakani, pointed out in his paper the role of the Iraqi Fund for Foreign Development in the development of the Iraqi economy and reviewed the historical role of the Fund and the stages of its time and structure as well as its objectives and role in supporting the national economy. And the nature and quality of the assets it owns.
The paper presented by the Dean of the Faculty of Business Economics at the University of Nahrain Star Al Bayati, sovereign wealth funds and successful international experiences and the possibility of benefiting from them in Iraq, through which the basic idea of ​​the basic type of sovereign funds, with the obligations to develop a fund for sovereign wealth in Iraq, ) Types of proposed sovereign wealth funds, and recommendations adapted to the Iraqi situation. The head of the administrative body of the Baghdad Economic Forum, Fares Al Salman, said in a speech during the workshop that one of the objectives of the workshop is to develop strategic bases that serve economic security, which is part of Iraqi national security in order to make the sustainable development process successful.
The aim of the workshop is to come up with recommendations on the sovereign funds to be established, as well as to define their objectives and mechanisms to manage them and rationalize them through benefiting from the experiences of other countries preceded us in this field with the national touch in accordance with the requirements of the Iraqi economy in support of the steps of the government and the private sector to develop the Iraqi economy And diversifying sources of state income to face future economic shocks. The workshop was attended by a large number of concerned officials, parliamentarians, local and foreign economic figures, academics and representatives of some embassies, international organizations, the World Bank and the United Nations. .

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