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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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Forum to confront the alliance, "American Zionist" in Damascus


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Forum to confront the alliance, "American Zionist" in Damascus

Post by rocky on Tue 14 Nov 2017, 3:06 am

Forum to confront the alliance, "American Zionist" in Damascus

08:25 - 14/11/2017

Information / Baghdad ..
The Arab Forum will meet on Tuesday to confront the American-Zionist Arab reactionary alliance and support the resistance of the Palestinian people with the participation of forces, parties and national figures from Syria, Lebanon, Palestine, Yemen, Jordan, Egypt, Iraq, Algeria, Bahrain and Mauritania.
The preparatory committee of the forum said in a statement that "the convening of the forum in Damascus comes to what Syria represents of the basic rule in the face of the American project Zionist reactionary and steadfastness in the face of terrorism over the past years."
The forum aims to "develop a plan to confront the colonial project and support the resistance of the Palestinian people, which is the spearhead in this confrontation, where participants discuss for two days the plan of the Arab parties to confront the so-called" Middle East alliance, "which the United States and the Israeli entity to create to include a number of women Arab agent for America, especially the regime of Bani Saud.
The forum also seeks to "develop a plan in the fields of media, including social media, in order to raise the awareness of the Arab people about the reality of this project and its disastrous consequences for the Arab nation and its people, mobilizing the Arab masses to confront it and creating frameworks and mechanisms for cooperation between organizations working in the field of resisting normalization with the enemy, To activate the work of trade unions and professional workers and intellectuals and artists within the plan of action of the Forum for the next phase to support the Palestinian cause.
The Preparatory Committee pointed out that "one of the most important goals of the so-called" Middle East alliance "is the liquidation of the Palestinian cause and the suppression of the national resistance of the Palestinian people through conspiracies woven by Arab reactionary systems under slogans such as peaceful struggle and return to negotiations with the Israeli enemy and others. / 25

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