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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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The successful practice of banks/banking all (auction instructions)


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The successful practice of banks/banking all (auction instructions)

Post by rocky on Tue 15 Oct 2013, 4:40 am


OCR translation...

Page 1

To licensed banks not exercise all Pure

Mlmnolhmat 's auction

Central to the guidance of alpacas ask his greetings . N

Based on the decision of the Board of Directors thy CBI taken decisions numbered ta ' Ta 1 and Almzrkhh in

Vtmlr « meniscus hah and causing Haaaamna to Hthmqthmala in هيمة the Hay decides machines -

I have cash sales for banks to the amount of ( e ) طيون of dollars ( Araah millions of dollars can be increased Awaltngahna

Valuable light of the commitment to deliver them to end - beneficiaries بمهماتهم the price determined by the Central thee

Upscale , Lotte approval Collapse additional sales orders from God when presenting the bank for more than health

0 transactions

Core. Central Bank provides full Alnraca pens goods from the currency Had provide security documents

Fundamentalist fugitive for international transactions , which include goods and services as king below -

1 0 outstanding payments related to the facilities and German banking 0

Calls payments due to amortization and benefits of Collapse Akarohr received from Alkhara the 0 are

Through the banking system and the flags of the Central Bank of Iraq is illegal.

Not. Payments due for valuable foreign investments Iraq, which issued its own license

P according to the Investment Law No. Ge of e « O Aalmadl ) after the submission of documents that increase achievement

Profits 0

As transfers to family expenses century designated for Iraqis living abroad, the establishment of permanent counting provide

More than Dana residency and San meh money source

See share professional Khun back and the resulting commander dealt with in the market for high - Iraq Securities

Belonging to foreign investors and Iraqis residing in Alkharaabad of providing what supported accommodation Aldanmeh )

If sold to a resident citizen .

You re- convert and Danny and foreign savings deposited in banks and high - end benefits

P Alodani and Savings 0

Page 2

0 count

Stinking 1 fundamentalist financing transactions for the sale of real estate registered in Iraq and value Anmohdahma generating

For Atthad of the Directorate General of Lmha estate Iraqis mind. Z Albrooalamhen Danmhh

Under the corrupt from the competent authorities , that the be millimeters property to the owner or the treatment of Moore)

Are you receiving a permanent residence outside the upscale 0 0 p

No compensation Tqzarha by Hhec Risah Iraqi foreigners . 0 0

They do not w cleanses these instructions Mavzh from Qarha issue is not working for any moon for Gars with 0

0 , Sshalqkssdhvs the Snnnniictqndreass

Assistant General Durr

Kamal Al- Suhail counting AFB

0. K then do not panic Hare

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