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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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Al-Abbadi: Kuwait calls for 70 countries to participate in the reconstruction conference in Iraq


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Al-Abbadi: Kuwait calls for 70 countries to participate in the reconstruction conference in Iraq

Post by rocky on Thu 11 Jan 2018, 8:20 am

Al-Abbadi: Kuwait calls for 70 countries to participate in the reconstruction conference in Iraq

The official spokesman of the Iraqi Council of Ministers, Saad al-Hadithi, said Thursday that the State of Kuwait began sending invitations to about 70 countries from the international community to participate in the upcoming international conference for reconstruction in Iraq.
In an exclusive interview with the Russian news agency Sputnik, al-Hadithi said that "some 70 countries of the international community, interested countries and regional countries, as well as interested countries in the Iraqi affairs and in the reconstruction of Iraq, are invited to invest. Whether it is an investment from companies or private sector in these countries in the process of rehabilitation of infrastructure in different sectors in Iraq. "
"The process of inviting invitations has begun. Kuwait is inviting invitations to the participating countries and under the auspices of the World Bank as well as the United Nations and the European Union as supporting parties in preparing, sponsoring and preparing for this conference. " , Means after about 4 days.
The official spokesman for the Iraqi government, "the existence of coordination between Kuwait and the Iraqi government through the work of the Council of Ministers to complete all these settings for the conference and prepare for it fully."
He pointed out that "Russia has an active role in arranging the process of restoring stability and support the efforts of the Iraqi government to rebuild the country."
"Russia is a strategic country and a very important country in the international community. There is an active role in arranging the process of stabilizing and supporting the Iraqi government's reconstruction efforts," al-Hadithi said in response to a question on the possibility and prospects of the participation of the Russian side in the upcoming reconstruction conference in Iraq.
Al-Hadithi pointed to the possibility of "the contribution of Russian companies in the process of investing in the Iraqi market through this conference." He explained that "Russian companies in the sectors of energy, transport, electricity, industry, housing and other key sectors, sectors related to Iraqi water resources and other services, To have an effective and important role in this conference. "
As mentioned by the Iraqi government spokesman, that "the Ministry of Planning has recently worked to count the effects and destruction, which was exposed to liberated areas of the organization and urged, and the study, approved by the Council of Ministers, called the National Document for reconstruction, identified damage and destruction, To rehabilitate the cost of these sectors in the liberated cities, and estimated damage to government facilities, infrastructure and the service sector, public buildings, and estimated the cost of reconstruction and rehabilitation of $ 100 billion.
He concluded by saying that "this amount is supposed to work the Iraqi government over the course of 10 years through this document to rehabilitate these areas gradually increasing, through the refund of this amount for consecutive years until the end of 2027," stressing that "these damages do not Including damage to private property and property of citizens in these cities and areas. "

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