A wealth of value. This is how the international coalition forces describe the remnants of an organization calling on the fugitives from Syria , a wealth of records thatseparate everything from the financial affairs of the organization as well as the individual documents of the fighters. 

Commander of the Joint Task Force for special operations for Iraq and Syria in the international coalition , General James Jarard, says that keeping Daesh records is enormous, but so much revealed about the organizational structure, and how to communicate with them and in each other , stressing that the organization has a huge amount of details about each Individual in it.

According to an American site, Dahesh has kept accurate records, including directives and orders bearing official stamps. Over the past three years, the international coalition and local forces have seized hundreds of Da'ash and storage data in northern Syria. 

Since it is accurate to include the laundry list of individuals who have moved to Syria and Iraq, this information has allowed the international coalition to target senior commanders of the organization, which General Garard comments on, does not mean that the war is over, but that "it will take a few weeks to The least to finish the elimination of a preacher in Syria. " 

You can view the report on the video above.