The final statement of the Al-Azhar World Conference in support of Jerusalem on Thursday confirmed that Jerusalem is the "eternal capital" of the independent state of Palestine , while the recent American decision on it is "lost" to international legitimacy. 

The final statement, read by Sheikh Al-Azhar Sheikh Ahmad al-Tayeb, said that "the Arabism of Jerusalem is not acceptable to tampering or change. It is historically stable. Zionist attempts will not succeed in falsifying history." "We categorically reject the recent American administration's decision, And Islamic as a dead letter as decisions that are lacking international legitimacy. "

The statement warned that "the immediate withdrawal of this resolution will fuel the wave of violence in the world," calling for "the end of the Zionist occupation of Arab territories, and move the governments of the Islamic world and the United Nations to move quickly to stop the implementation of the decision of the US administration and create a global public opinion against the resolution." 

The statement stressed "the support of the steadfastness of the Palestinian people and support their uprising in the face of these arrogant decisions," noting that "he adopted the invitation of Al-Azhar to be the year 2018 years of Al-Quds Al-Sharif." 

The statement urged "all international organizations to maintain the legal status of Jerusalem and the protection of identity," noting that "agreed to form a joint committee of the most prominent participants to follow up the implementation of decisions and recommendations."

The conference was held in the Egyptian capital on Wednesday morning, with the participation of more than 86 countries. The conference included a number of people interested in the issue of Al Aqsa Mosque, Jerusalem and all peace lovers from all over the world.