, said Prime Minister Haider al - Abadi , Wednesday, bypassing the economic crisis ,despite the pressure and sacrifices suffered by citizens, while noting that he was raising the proportion of social protection budget to 60%. 

Abadi said during his attendance today the session of the House of Representatives to discuss the budget that " Iraq exceeded the economic crisis despite the pressure and sacrifices suffered by citizens," noting that "we put all our potential in this budget

"We have raised the percentage of social protection by budget to 60 percent," Abadi said. 

On the Davos conference , Abadi stressed that "we have seen the conference keenness of most countries on the future of Iraq," pointing out that "there will be a global conference in Iraq for economic support and reconstruction and reconstruction." 

"All the companies in Davos have announced that security in Iraq is stable and the indicators have changed for us," he said. "They demanded that we reduce routine to enter into construction and investment." 

The Prime Minister Haider Abadi arrived on Wednesday to the parliament building to discuss the budget law with members of the House of Representatives.