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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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11~14~2013 Horoscopes


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11~14~2013 Horoscopes

Post by Cat561 on Thu 14 Nov 2013, 5:39 am

    Lightning fast when it comes to the business deal, you seem to have direct insight into what is worthwhile as well as worthless in a situation. You have new and unconventional ways to cut through the red tape and get at what is important. There is optimism, faith and a tendency to take chances at the deepest emotional level. You make a promise to yourself that next year there will be more investments. Investments can start small and grow beyond your wildest dreams--be on the lookout for opportunities of this sort. Check out all hard-to-believe deals! Some things are not so good. Think and talk about organizing a cleanup crew for your nearby community park this weekend. A cleaned up, good-looking park is good for the safety of family and children.

    Situations are almost made to order and it is easy to see which path is the one to take. There are plenty of opportunities to move into any direction you want to go regarding your future professional life. You take your work more seriously than usual and you put a lot of energy into getting things scheduled and organized. It is possible that there is an opportunity for some time off during the holiday season and you may prefer to use your time by leaving work early to shop instead of taking off a couple of days. This is a time when you can expect a little boost, some extra support or recognition from those around you. You may notice positive outcomes fall into place and you see that the lines of communication are opening up nicely.

    If you are having trouble with your budget, you will be smart to limit your shopping to the necessities for a time. This means home shopping as well as store or window-shopping. Make a resolution for no infomercials! You attend to matters of health, finances and a more satisfying job--which may come within the company for which you now work. This afternoon, everything may be pouring in at once--and it is all good news. Your career direction gets some encouragement and life's problems should find easy solutions. Discovering new values that represent some sort of break with the tried and true comes naturally now. A change in financial status is possible. You help to decorate your home this evening with cornucopias and leaves, etc.

    You can barely wait for the noon break when you will be able to visit a local florist or garden dealer and purchase winter vegetables as well as items that are festive to place around the office and apartment or house. Work issues are sticky but not totally clogged up and by the afternoon, you may even discover that an unsolved problem piques your interest. Others watch and learn by following your lead. This afternoon you may want to check out an investment plan. Make sure the firm or company is a reputable one before giving up your hard-earned money. Travel plans and entertaining travelers play a big role for you this evening. Visitors to your city may pay you to show them around your town, whether they are there for personal or business reasons.

Things seem to fall in place this day--progress is easy. Your career direction gets some encouragement and life's problems find easy solutions. Your intuition is strong and can guide you accurately in making forecasts or decisions. Co-worker friends may ask you to guess the forecast of their life and loves. You enjoy figuring things out and you like being the first to make a discovery. You have a heightened interest in health and diet and an urge to get things organized into a rational system. There is much mental busywork now. Careful, you may have to have a talk with the family about eating outside the home. Eating out more than five times a week could cut back on vacation or funds for gifts and entertainment. Teach budgeting.

    Some people may appreciate your insight but it may take some time before you realize you cannot please everyone all the time--do not press your point. Work is productive and this afternoon you and your friends enjoy each other's company. It is easy for you to love and be compassionate and to value what life offers. You have a sense of unity and brotherhood that will stay with you, always. This may be a period of greater social involvement--especially with neighbors and brothers or sisters. Learning and teaching seems to satisfy an important need for you. You teach not only through your words, but by example. You could teach family members to save money by checking out movies from the library instead of a store.

    Your current situation may demand a second look. The workload that you have may be causing some stress problems but with a bit of reorganization you will be able to create a balance that has been needed for some time. This could be anything from a rescheduling of employees or your own responsibilities to just making sure food and exercise enters into your day. Relax and eliminate some of those extra steps that you take--you will physically feel much better. This is a good challenge--it will teach you to slow down, rephrase and perhaps to back up your ideas with facts. Charisma, self-transformation and the development of personal power are the things that play big roles in your life now. Remember that tiny causes can lead to big effects.

    You would make a good teacher of others in matters of organization, practical competence and the like. You understand that what you teach, you learn. You may toy with the idea of learning and then teaching how to read horoscopes or some other type of metaphysical interest. You enjoy learning about a variety of things, but in the workplace it may be difficult to find much of a variety. In some ways, this is good because a steady job helps you to remain constant in your goals--focused. You know better than anyone does, especially when it comes to creativity, genuine creativity is not about finishing first; it is about finishing uniquely and creating an interest for others to enjoy. Make it a point to reach out and touch someone tonight.

You may prefer to be a bit more direct today. You want to get things accomplished and interruptions may not be on your list of acceptable behavior from others. Be careful in your response--let them know upfront your plans for the day so they will understand you are involved in some project. You are able to cut through to the real matter at hand. Unique approaches to study or research or any kind of inquiry, are forthcoming. This afternoon you can relax--saying and writing things with style and interacting with those that had to be quiet. Neighbors or brothers and sisters will likely bring all kinds of good experiences your way. Making plans for the upcoming holiday takes priority this evening. Love and hugs prevail this evening.

    Your job may be to write, proofread, edit or use your eyes in some other way. The gang at the office may have invested in a lamp or some other form of convenience to help ease your vision. People care and may take this day as an opportunity to show you how much they care. This afternoon you look forward to checking out a new computer. You can now pay your bills through certain software on the computer and you will find yourself really saving on postage and checks. You can join a pen pal club and you could teach using your computer if you choose to do so. You have so much fun--you may even forget there are others around you that would really like your attention. This is a perfect time to be assertive and to move forward and achieve.

    You are perceptive, always darting straight to the heart of things and never shy about working with the most sensitive and vulnerable areas of the human psyche. Financial matters, however, are another matter, but you will succeed in creating a balance. You effectively think about what it takes to earn a dollar before you spend a dollar: hard work, time and effort. Your protection from income loss is to be cautious. A part time job may create opportunities for you to be in another person's home, or a social event may give you reason to have people in your home. Someone wants your advice and you may find yourself teaching young people or friends some technique of yours--how to paint a room, sell a car, or some other important things.

    Changes need to be made in your professional life and they may have to do with proper balance. Consider sending short memos to higher-ups in your department. Be calm and consistently courteous. You may have to learn some conversational techniques when it comes to difficult people. Do not take someone's words too personally--that person may be testing your staying power. He or she could also just want attention, negative or positive. Smile--if you disagree, find the positive in what is said. There is a greater appreciation for things of value and the idea of value itself. This could be a period of great material gain; it is certainly a time when material things have a great deal of importance. Financial responsibility is the lesson to be learned now

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