BAGHDAD ( Reuters) - US soldiers are learning from their Israeli comrades how to fight underground, according to their experience in the Gaza Strip during the three Israeli military operations, and 
one of the top US marines has learned from their fellow Americans how to fight in an Arab region, according to their experience in Iraq. . "The exchange of these experiences is of unlimited and invaluable benefits," said Markus Mainz, a lieutenant colonel, in remarks to Israeli and US military correspondents who attended the exercise. "Both know that the scenarios say there is an inevitable war "As long as the two political leaders want us to face any external aggression against Israel in partnership, the exchange of experiences becomes more meaningful."

"This is the largest and most important exercise in the army in the last six years," he said. 

"The two armies are trained in two spaces, one for their soldiers, where they train together without the other, and one for the two armies together, where the possibility of developing permanent coordination between them is explored to become a level of active partnership," said IDF Major Eliahu Hassoun. 

"We have been training since the beginning of the month and we will continue until the end of the month and we have started preparing for these exercises four months ago, all this in order to ensure protection for Israel from external enemies and terrorist organizations, and even help each of his comrades in the same trench."