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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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Trump's new decisions overshadow the world's major events by the end of the day


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decisions - Trump's new decisions overshadow the world's major events by the end of the day Empty Trump's new decisions overshadow the world's major events by the end of the day

Post by rocky on Fri 23 Mar 2018, 2:29 am

Trump's new decisions overshadow the world's major events by the end of the day

2018/03/23 01:32

(Encyclopedia of this Day News | Iraq News  ) - From - Sally Ismail:

Mubasher: A state of concern over President Donald Trump's new decisions was the most significant event in world markets by Thursday, in a move that made the trade war looming again.

Equity markets also suffered sharp losses by the end of the session, as the Dow Jones Industrial Average fell to a low of 24 thousand points, as the crisis continues, "Facebook" on the penetration of user data.

Business War and Monetary Policy

The trade war played a significant role in Wednesday's events thanks to President Donald Trump's decision to impose new restrictions on China as well as to announce monetary policy decisions in a number of economies.

The president of the European Commission said the EU is looking forward to announcing the details of its decisions on the possibility of EU exemptions, and a US trade representative said the exceptions would include the EU, Australia, Argentina and Brazil, with the exclusion of Canada and Mexico.

But US President Donald Trump signed a resolution imposing tariffs of up to $ 50 billion against imports of Chinese goods to the United States without disclosing any new exemptions or exceptions.

US Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross predicted there would be a retaliatory response from China but would not reach a trade war.

In terms of monetary policy decisions, after the Federal Reserve raised interest rates yesterday, the Bank of England kept interest rates unchanged, but the People's Bank of China raised interest rates by 5 basis points.

While Brazil's central bank cut interest rates to a record low of 6.50%.

On the other hand, in a move aimed at protecting the government from closure, the House of Representatives passed a spending bill of $ 1.3 trillion and sent it to the Senate for signature.

Economic indicators

As for economic activity, it saw a slowdown in growth in the US this month, and fell more than expected in the euro zone to its lowest level since January 2017.

US jobless claims rose to 229,000 in the week ending March 17 versus expectations of a drop of 225,000, and US house prices rose above estimates.

Market Overview

Equity markets suffered sharp losses as trade worries surged as black gold markets tumbled with profit taking while gold saw notable gains.

At closing, US stock indexes fell to lose the Dow Jones more than 700 points and European stock indexes fell sharply as Japanese stock indexes rose as a result of yesterday's decision.

As for the Facebook crisis, the German Justice Minister called on the company's senior managers to hold a meeting next week, calling the latest charges a "serious scandal," in conjunction with Mark Zuckerberg's announcement of the first response to those charges.

In the controversial currency market, the e-market witnessed a significant decline in the value of the vast majority of currencies, especially the Big Five, on the back of reports that Japan was the biggest trading platform, while a new digital currency was able to record significant gains.

US stocks fell less-than-expected in the week ending March 16 as oil and gasoline stocks fell sharply over the same period.

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