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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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Provinces Bank: of the security in the 5% .. And fatwas 2003 helped to


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Provinces Bank: of the security in the 5% .. And fatwas 2003 helped to

Post by rocky on Tue 19 Nov 2013, 6:20 am

Provinces Bank: of the security in the 5% .. And fatwas 2003 helped to

19/11/2013 / BAGHDAD / Mohammad Sabah

 He said deputies Anbar and Salahuddin The marginalization of the people of these provinces in the military and behind the deterioration of security, but drew that the percentage of the western provinces and northern no more than 5% of the many elements of the security system, which currently number million and 300 thousand element, and revealed that these provinces do not have only one squad leader from among 14 others, however, a single component, accusing the government of not granting these officers any powers of provinces security on the one hand, and threatening ablation selectively second hand.

 And confirms a member of the Commission on Security and Defense parliamentary for the province of Anbar, MP Hamid al-Mutlaq said in a statement to the "long" that "there are trends sectarian prevent the involvement of people of the western region in the institutions of the state security and civil," explaining that "the government if it wants to stabilize the security situation to allow adapting the young conservative" .

 For his part, a member of the security and defense committee in Parliament MP appearance Janabi, in a statement to the "long" to "component Sunni marginalized greatly from the security services, and the reason is that the fatwa was denied participation in the government after 2003, which affected the presence of Sunnis in the organization security. "

 Janabi said that "after entering into the political process is still marginalized year because the government did not take the national effort in this regard, in addition to the management method for file security exotic".

He added that "the security establishment Current unable to establish security in all provinces because of exclusion and marginalization of the components of the people, as well as the corruption of the security establishment, which has become a name associated with operations extortion of citizens in order to get the money and this is drawing a bad image of the security establishment."

 He explained that "all the leaders of the difference in the security system of 14 Division Commander share component of the Sunni leader of the band and one of the leader of the band 12, and the rest represent one component and this is not true," explaining that "this leader came through the current defense minister (near the al-Maliki nor acceptable to block Iraqi Her right personal nomination for the position) which accompanied him not to deportation and eradication to now. "

 He noted "the presence of officers at the level of a year or brigade colonel and some grades and a small number and do not have active positions allow them to participate in security decisions, and this marginalization of clear and significant Sunni component in the management of the security file."

For his part, MP for the province of Salah al-Din Mutashar samurai that the Iraqi constitution required the involvement of all spectrums of the people in the security establishment, regardless of affiliation, sex and color.

 Samarrai said the "long" that "new army built on sectarian lines since 2003, which reflected negatively on the street and the security situation the past ten years, noting that" there salaries acted tremendously and chief security forces present but without the little benefit. "

 He noted that "the process of exclusion and marginalization have had a negative role towards the security situation confused, especially since the formation of the security forces were only one class and a very limited number of the component other They Manmhmon in the security of the institution."

 He explained that "Law No. 21 of the provincial average grant conservative powers of the security could be a gesture to balance national enterprise-level security, but these powers are confronted with the decision of proactively restrict these powers leaders processes deployed in the provinces and these leaders are working without cover unconstitutional because they do not get parliamentary approval. "

He explained that "all the security establishment census formations today reached nearly one million and 300 thousand element has become a burden the budget and at the same time that the security situation is stable," noting that the percentage of the Sunni component in this number does not exceed more than 5%. "

 "The central government has not Acfha this, but proceeded to root out hundreds of officers under the pretext of accountability and justice after he was admitted to the first matter without objection government, while turning of the officers are at present positions high in the security services and covered also the decisions of the accountability and justice," pointing out that "This duality is one of the negatives that accompany the work of the security establishment," pointing out that "the process of integration of militias into the army befuddled security situation significantly."

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