Al-Arabi newspaper reported that the new political movement began to form the largest bloc capable of forming the new government, indicating that the leaders of the coalition victory began contacts with political alliances.

The newspaper quoted an informed source as saying that "after the emergence of the preliminary results of the Iraqi elections, which showed the progress of the alliance of the Sadrists of the Sadrist movement, began this morning what can be considered a political movement first to form the largest bloc capable of forming a new government," noting that " Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi , began contacts with other political alliances winning the elections, in order to persuade them to join within the largest bloc whose constitution requires its presence to nominate the new prime minister.
The source added that "there is a great rapprochement between the alliance of victory and others," pointing to "open lines of communication with the alliances of wisdom headed by Ammar al-Hakim , and the decision led by Osama Najafi, and the National Coalition led by Iyad Allawi ."

He stressed that "there is an intention to approach the Kurdish parties that get the largest number of seats after the announcement of the results in the provinces of theKurdistan region ."

In return, the alliance began dialogue with a coalition of state law in an attempt to form an influential bloc in Parliament.