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Neno's Place Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality


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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

Welcome to the Neno's Place!

Neno's Place Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality


I can be reached by phone or text 8am-7pm cst 972-768-9772 or, once joining the board I can be reached by a (PM) Private Message.

Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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For the regular session of the Organization of Minister of Iraq


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For the regular session of the Organization of Minister of Iraq Empty For the regular session of the Organization of Minister of Iraq

Post by rocky Wed 04 Dec 2013, 3:27 am

For the regular session of the Organization of Minister of Iraq

03-12-2013  Press Release

Guest HE Engineer Alaa Safi, Chairman of the Executive Office of the Minister of Iraq and the Organization of regular session for the month of December of the year 2013 in the presence of a number of ladies and gentlemen members of the former ministers of the Organization.

The meeting was opened by the host Ala professor Net welcome to attend the meeting and told the apology can receive messages from a number of gentlemen members of the organization's obligations prior apology and head of the organization, His Excellency Sheikh Sami Azara putty, to attend due to illness. And made introductory remarks on the subject of intensive discussion of the proposed hearing "ration card between the Ministry of Commerce and the provincial councils and the aspirations of the citizens," the title of the paper to be presented by HE Amer Abdul-Jabbar Ismail bureau chief consultant for the organization. His Excellency has to display the worksheet and suggestions received during the conference held by the Baghdad Provincial Council about the ration card last month.

And Prof. Amir Abdul-Jabbar made a presentation of the contents of the paper intensive. He noted at the outset of his speech to the paper and proposals received are trying to provide answers and concrete and realistic solutions to the problems faced by the ration card currently. It is well known that the ration card has gradually reduced from 13 articles in the nineties of the last century to 5 materials in 2003 to 5 materials currently, with irregular distribution and received by the citizens and the poor quality of the materials.

And taint the processing and delivery of the ration card to the beneficiaries a lot of mismanagement and corruption has made the quota gets citizen Kmvrdat in the card does not represent only a small percentage of the total financial allocations for the ration card in the general budget, (out of 3 billion dollars up to the citizen does not exceed 0.3 billion dollars! according to some estimates).

The primary cause of this deterioration service card lies in corruption and not enlist the expertise, competence and efficiency because of the quota system, which governs the distribution of the main responsibilities on the political blocs, and sees Professor Amer said the home's main corruption and the basis of the problem is the methods contractual processing ration card, as the Ministry of Commerce did not not have a problem in terms of distribution have the distribution network of agents led task successfully over many years.

And in front of the continuing problems and tripping in the process of providing the ration card and delivery to the citizen, Council of Ministers adopted a resolution (Resolution No. 285 of 2013) transferred the responsibility of managing the ration card to the provincial councils starting in mid-2014, which is unusual in government work where being initiated activities of new first fiscal year, not the middle of it, which suggests that this measure is an attempt to get rid of the responsibility by the federal government and throw the ball to the provinces.

The paper presented the proposed measures for the advancement of the ration card in accordance with the three possible cases:

First - the survival of the responsibility of the ration card in the Ministry of Commerce

Proposed actions:

1.  Because the origin of the problem lies in the corruption taking place in the contract and not in the continued policy of import, can address the problem to form a "Council contracts emergency" headed by the Prime Minister and comprises six other members (Deputy Prime Minister for Economic Affairs and Minister of Finance and Director General of the Trade Bank of Iraq and 3 members of the specialists in the Ministry of Commerce) Council includes also the chairman of the Audit Court and the President of the competent parliamentary committee as observers.

2. Processing is the fact that the Council signed cooperation protocols with state governments of the country of origin, without passing through an intermediary where Iraqis are contracted for a period of 4 years, according to agreed schedules.

3.  Limit the responsibility of the Ministry of Commerce to distribute the ration card to citizens.

Secondly - the measures proposed in the case of the transfer of responsibility to the provinces ration card

1. Must be assigned to the governor and the provincial council is not responsible for the task of being the executive.

2. The placement of some of the staff of the Ministry of Commerce of experience to the people of the province, or contracting with companies and the Ministry of Commerce on transport and distribution.

3. Coordination between neighboring provinces with the Ministry of Commerce to regulate the work d'Etat du.

4.Import all or most of the ration card from one country, a large vessel, and take advantage of the expertise of the Ministry of Maritime Transport and its possibilities.

5.The formation of an ad hoc committee to study the prices of food basket items in global stock markets.

6.The formation of a miniature board similar to the above-mentioned contracts contingent headed by the governor and the membership, and Deputy Minister of Finance and Director General of the Trade Bank of Iraq, and 3 members from the Ministry of Commerce and representatives from the Office of Financial Supervision and the relevant committee in the provincial council.

7.  In the absence of a conviction of the proposals mentioned above, can be contracted with a private trading company for processing and distribution of ration card with a strict penalty clauses concerning the quantities and qualities of materials contracted.

Thirdly - bring cash allowance replace the ration card items

يRepresents the distribution of money to the citizens instead of the ration card items most appropriate solution in the event of the following conditions exist:

1. Be a rewarding cash allowance in accordance with the amounts allocated to the ration card in the general budget.

2.  That the Ministry of Commerce operates supermarkets and cooperatives to sell the ration card items at the market price to be the line to initiate the local market price, that would preclude the merchants to raise prices.

But the justification for many, including lower cost, suggests Mr. Amer transfer the ration card items from ports to Baghdad by train exclusively, as well as make distributional session every two months rather than monthly.
In order to activate the national production in agriculture, industry and reducing imported materials, it is proposed to support industries, crops and agricultural products that are relevant to the vocabulary of the ration card.  (Detergents, rice, wheat, sugar, pulses, edible oil ...).

After the presentation of Mr. Amer and his paper, has been widely debated attended by all the members present raised and where many of the most important points:

1.  Corruption includes various workshops processing, transport and distribution of the ration card items, although to varying degrees.

2. Questions about the possibility of signing protocols with the countries of the originator to regulate contracts for a period of 4 years, long-term relationship with the Council authorize the above negotiation and contracting exception of the Implementing Regulations of government contracts.

3. Confirm the possibility of achieving sufficiency \ self-grain production.

4. The possibility of orientation Grammer local merchants for processing card materials.

5.The need to distinguish between the carrier's responsibility and the responsibility of the supplier, and the role of insurance companies to cover the risk of damage to materials during transportation.

6. Confirm the role of popular control on the quality of the materials and their distribution.

7. The importance of the smart card with an emphasis on the adoption of a unified national card and comprehensive for this purpose and all official archives and other personal citizen.

It was agreed that the next session will be devoted to the organization to discuss the election law, the House of Representatives.

At the conclusion of the meeting was to thank His Excellency the President of the consulting firm, Amer Abdul-Jabbar to submit the paper value and HE Engineer Alaa net Tadhaifa session.

Spokesman for the organization and the Minister of Iraq

Raed Fahmi

December 2013

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