Jordanian Prime Minister Omar al-Razzaz said that his government knows in a certain way that armed groups are hiding in the camps of the displaced Syrians near Jordan and pledged to protect the borders of his country from the infiltration of its elements.

Al-Razzaz paid a working visit to the Kingdom's northern border, during which the Jordanian armed forces and the concerned security services inspected the border and delivered aid to the Syrians inside their country.

The Prime Minister listened to a military and security briefing presented by the Director of Military Intelligence and security officials on the latest developments on the Jordanian-Syrian border and the mechanisms of dealing with the displaced and the readiness of the armed forces to deal with this crisis and protect the borders of the Kingdom from any abuses that may pose a threat to the security of the homeland and the citizen.

Al-Razzaz said in a press statement that the military operations are taking place inside Syrian territory. "However, in Jordan we are affected by what is going on. Shells landed inside Jordanian territory and caused panic among the people in the border area. And dealt with the shells that fell and did not explode. "

"We in Jordan are a government and citizens. We feel our duty to stand with our Syrian brothers and provide them with all the help and relief they need. This is one of the smells of the Jordanians over the decades, but at the same time we realize that we have certain information that there are armed factions and weapons within these population groups Which some are demanding to be allowed into Jordanian territory. "

He stressed that the authorities of his country "balance between the protection of our borders and our society fully and the duty to deliver support and food aid and housing for brothers in Syria ."

"There is a security threat and we will not be able to decide or exclude a Syrian citizen who is unarmed, peaceful and otherwise. We have faced such scenarios earlier and we do not want to repeat them again," he said.

"We will support Syria in its territory and across the borders between the two countries and our borders are open, but within full security control, and if we feel that there is a case or injury needed for treatment, it is entered and transferred to Jordanian hospitals."

He pointed out that the Jordanian forces control all the borders of the Kingdom, pointing out that no country in the world opens its borders fully to hundreds of thousands, especially in the light of the denial of the country's failure to bear the responsibility of the international community in this matter.