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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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With the continuation of manual counting .. Political agreement ignores the "fraud scandals"


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With the continuation of manual counting .. Political agreement ignores the "fraud scandals"

Post by rocky on Wed 11 Jul 2018, 1:51 am

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With the continuation of manual counting .. Political agreement ignores the "fraud scandals"

Quietly and without noise, the counting and counting of the disputed election results continue, but what floats to the surface has not been clear to many political blocs that speak with high confidence about the existence of "rigging and forgery."
As for the continuous leaks, the results of the counting and the nose seem to be known in advance to a large extent, and will not constitute a surprise to the public opinion, and there is a question about the seriousness and firmness of the judiciary with a real declaration of what leads to manual counting, which makes the reputation of the elections, which is the largest political activity in Iraq at stake, With talk of "scandals". 
"A number of political blocs exert great pressure on the Electoral Commission composed of judges assigned to cover up the fraud that occurred on the day of the ballot in May and not to reveal," said the MP in the previous parliament, Badr Razzak al-Haidari, the violations of the electoral process " Scandals ".
Al-Haidari added that the rate of fraud in the capital Baghdad would be large and scandalous if the votes are returned in the proper manual manner. He pointed out that "the report of the former parliamentary fact-finding committee revealed the fraud of more than 100 parliamentary seats in the 2018 parliamentary elections throughout the country."
According to that announced the blocks of change and the Islamic group as well as the Islamic Union of Kurdistan rejected the results of the counting and manual counting that took place in the province of Kirkuk, noting that it was surprised by the issuance of the Board of Commissioners of the judges assigned their decision, which provides for partial counting and only for the funds questionable, These entities the counting and sorting hall in the province of Sulaymaniyah to protest the way in which the operation is conducted.
The sources of the Electoral Commission revealed the end of counting and counting of the provinces of Dhi Qar and Maysan.
The sources said, "The process of manual counting and sorting at the Baghdad International Fair completed 113 stations for the province of Dhi Qar, the corresponding rate of 100%, and counting and sorting all the stations in the province of Maysan, the 67 stations and the result also showed a hundred percent match, Counting and sorting the provinces of Wasit and Basra amid talk of a perfect match reached 100 percent.
Political sources added to the «Journal News» that "the results of counting and sorting the hand that is taking place in Baghdad to the votes of voters of six provinces will be identical to the results of electronic elections by a large proportion," asserting that "the announcement of the results of manual counting will not make a clear change in the seats of the winning blocs, , Calmly political and media. "
The Electoral Commission announced on June 3, 2018, the start of manual counting and counting of polling stations using staff from the UNHCR offices in Karkh and Rusafa in Baghdad, starting from the Kirkuk governorate and in a hierarchy of polling stations on which complaints and appeals were filed according to the legal contexts established by the laws and regulations in force for the elections .

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