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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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A US magazine raises a storm of doubt that Trump may have worked as a client for years


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A US magazine raises a storm of doubt that Trump may have worked as a client for years

Post by rocky on Thu 12 Jul 2018, 3:06 am

A US magazine raises a storm of doubt that Trump may have worked as a client for years

NEW YORK (Reuters) - New York has raised a storm of suspicion that the US intelligence service, KGB, may have recruited US President Donald Trump to work in his favor since his visit to Moscow in 1987.
The well-known American magazine linked the openness of businessman Trump's appetite for political action in 1987 with his trip to Moscow that year to discuss the possibility of building a hotel in the Soviet capital.
The magazine pointed to a meeting between the current US president in New York with the Soviet ambassador to Washington, Yuri Dobinin, known for his wisdom and the depth of his ideological convictions, a year before his first visit to Moscow.
"The hotel he wanted to build the future president of America was never praised, but Trump came back from the Soviet Union with political ambitions he had not seen before heading there," she concluded.
According to the magazine, the Kremlin may be stuck with Trump after his visits to Moscow in 1987 and 2013. In addition, according to the magazine, the reluctance of the President of the United States to publish tax returns on his work may be linked to obtaining "different ways to finance the Russian" on the For many years.
In the United States, there is now a complex and complex investigation into alleged Russian interference in the recent US presidential election, as well as allegations of links and links to Trump with Moscow, although the White House and the Kremlin have categorically denied.
Russia categorically denies the accusations and dismisses them as baseless allegations and allegations.
The presidents of Russia and the United States will meet in Helsinki on June 16 for their first official summit. The Kremlin said it would discuss ways to restore normal relations between the two countries as well as pressing international issues.
This will be the first formal meeting between Putin and Trump held in accordance with a prior agreement and not on the sidelines of conferences and international meetings attended by the two presidents.

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