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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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Abadi's policy issues 20 special directives for Beninese, one of which is implemented immediately


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 Abadi's policy issues 20 special directives for Beninese, one of which is implemented immediately Empty Abadi's policy issues 20 special directives for Beninese, one of which is implemented immediately

Post by rocky on Thu 09 Aug 2018, 2:18 pm

Abadi's policy issues 20 special directives for Beninese, one of which is implemented immediately[/size]
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 3 hours ago

"The cooperation of the people of Nineveh with the security forces was one of the main reasons that led to the liberation of the province," Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi said. "The return of life in Nineveh was the best response to terrorism." 
This came during a meeting with dignitaries, sheikhs, local people and the provincial government of Nineveh in the presence of the Provincial Services and Construction Committee and a number of officials. "As we promised to liberate the land and achieve a record period, we will also eliminate the ideology of terrorism and its cells," he said. 
"Terrorism and corruption have destroyed our cities and we must cooperate to rebuild cities and fight corruption, despite the attempts of the detainees," he said. 
"We are listening to everyone, not just to those who are demonstrating, which is one of their constitutional rights," he said. 
In the light of the meeting and hearing the delegation's demands, Abadi said:
1- Facilitating the entry of locally produced goods in Ninewa governorate without passing through the customs control points. The relevant authorities shall submit their recommendations for the implementation of this. 
2. Address the bottlenecks in the conduct of the lists and the completion of transactions to compensate those affected by terrorist crimes or military operations. The Secretariat of the Council of Ministers shall draw up an urgent plan for this. 
3. The Ministry of Justice shall take the necessary measures to re-establish the relations and establish the reservation signal to facilitate the lending operations at the Industrial Bank. 
4. The public and private banks shall activate the procedures for the recovery of funds deposited with them by the citizens in accordance with the applicable regulations. 
5. The Ministries of Agriculture and Trade shall decide the delivery of the financial benefits to the owners of the local mills established in 2014. 
6. The Real Estate Registration Department shall adopt a plan to expedite the facilitation of the sale and purchase procedures under strict controls.
7. Providing basic medical equipment with appropriate preparation, as well as improving the situation of medical and health services and providing medical centers with medicines, especially cancer treatment drugs. 
8. Take quick measures to increase the number of beds in hospitals, centers and mobile hospitals on the right side. 
9 - Review the health projects, which started work in the past and the development of a plan to rehabilitate a number of them under priorities set in coordination with the relevant authorities. 
10 - move quickly to rehabilitate two additional bridges to facilitate the movement of citizens as well as the completion of strategic projects to restore bridges and bridges. 
11. Investigate the causes of overcrowding at fuel stations and verify the quantities allocated for fuel to the governorate areas. 
12. The Ministry of Electricity shall comply with the quotas allocated to the areas of the province and verify any manipulation in the processing.
13 - Activation of micro and small loans to stimulate small enterprises and craft and simplify procedures for this purpose in light of the needs of districts and areas provided by their representatives. 
14. Local ministries and governments are improving municipal services related to water, sanitation, cleaning and clothing at the level of each district and district. 
15- A committee from the real estate registration department in Nineveh province and the security authorities from the Nineveh Operations Command and the popular crowd to end cases of overtaking the houses and other real estate immediately. 
16. The Ministry of Agriculture shall review the agricultural plan in Nineveh Governorate to ensure better working conditions in the agricultural sector in the governorate and to adhere to the specified quantities of agricultural inputs. 
17 - Launch appointments of the movement of owners of the province of Nineveh in various sectors and the Ministry of Finance to secure the necessary funding for this.
18 - rescheduling of debt and loans and their benefits to borrowers from public and specialized banks for productive purposes. 
19. Activating the investment activities in different sectors and working on rehabilitating the industrial, production and other service projects to provide job opportunities for the people of different regions. 
20. The Joint Operations Command shall ensure appropriate roads to facilitate the movement to and from Sinjar district and the Talskaf road, with the intention of intensifying efforts to clear mines in different areas.

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