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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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Seats of political blocs in Baghdad and the provinces


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Seats of political blocs in Baghdad and the provinces

Post by rocky on Fri Aug 10, 2018 4:21 am

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Seats of political blocs in Baghdad and the provinces

The Council of Commissioners of the Electoral Commission, on Thursday, the number of seats in the political blocs in Baghdad.
Number of seats in Baghdad
 They are going
 State of Law
 National 8
 Victory 8
 Alliance Resolution 4  
Wisdom 4
The Baghdad Alliance
 And it is good
 There is one seat
Civil alliance one seat
 Civil party one seat
 The will of one seat
Dohuk Kurdistan Democratic Party
Islamic Kurdistan one seat
 Rafidain coalition one seat
Conquest 3
 Suron 3
Victory two seats
 State law has two seats
Wisdom one seat
Erbil Governorate
The Kurdistan Democratic Party
 National Union has two seats
 The new generation has two seats
 Alliance for Democracy seat
 Coran seat
Islamic Group seat
Basra province
Conquest 6
Ashers 5
Victory 5
State of Law
Wisdom is two seats
 The men of Iraq gathered a seat
Will seat and national seat
 They walk two seats
Conquest two seats
Wisdom seat
Victory seat
 State Law Seat
National Union 6
Arab Alliance
Turkmen Front 3
Dhi Qar
They are 6
Conquest 5  
State of Law
Victory 3
Wisdom is two seats
Conquest 3
 Alliance Resolution 3
National 3
They walk two seats
 Victory seat
Wisdom seat
National Kurdistan seat
The Council said in a statement that "under the difficult circumstances experienced by our dear country and after the House voted on the Third Amendment Law of the Electoral Law No. 45 of 2013 which became effective on 6/6/2018 the Supreme Judicial Council formed a committee that moved to the Independent Electoral Commission To conduct a preliminary preview of the work of the Commission. "
"After the objection to the amendment law and the filing of cases with the Federal Supreme Court was careful in the commencement of practical procedures for the implementation of the process of sorting and counting manual was during this period a meeting of the Supreme Judicial Council to assign judges members of the Board of Commissioners to manage the Electoral Commission for elections and the nomination of judges directors of electoral offices of the provinces and study options After the issuance of the decision of the Federal Supreme Court containing the response to the opposition to the law of the amendment of the elections met the Board of Commissioners and decided to implement the decision of the Federal CourtAnd that this process is conducted under the supervision of the observers of the United Nations and political entities and the media. "
He continued, "The Board of Commissioners delegated the practical procedures for the process of counting and counting manual and the distribution of tasks among the members of the Board of Commissioners, where the section moved them to the provinces, which found it best to conduct the process of counting and sorting field, while the stations were brought in respect of complaints from other provinces to Baghdad and Including the Special Representative of the Secretary-General of the United Nations, Jan Kubic, his assistant, Alice Wolbol, a number of ambassadors and representatives of the diplomatic corps C in Iraq and observers of political entities. "
He explained that "regarding the elections abroad, the official reports received from the committee formed by the Council of Ministers and was transferred to three countries are Jordan, Iran and Turkey to perform the process of sorting and counting manual for the stations submitted complaints, and all of the above appeared the result of recounting and counting manually Results For polling stations and stations in all governorates of Iraq. "

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