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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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of helping the Iranian president calls for Iraq to pay compensation damage to the environment


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of helping the Iranian president calls for Iraq to pay compensation damage to the environment

Post by rocky on Fri Aug 10, 2018 2:34 am

of helping the Iranian president calls for Iraq to pay compensation damage to the environment[/size]
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 one hour ago

The Iranian president's wife and family affairs, Masumah Ibtikar, has called on the Iraqi government to pay compensation for damage to the environment caused by the eight-year war between the two countries under Saddam Hussein. 
"The environmental compensation for the Iraq war, the Kuwaiti war and the billions of dollars worth of damage to the Gulf have to be added. The eighth government (the government of former reformist president Mohammad Khatami) has submitted a complaint to the UN Commission for compensation," Ibtikar said in a tweet on her official Twitter account. So ". 
This comes a day after a request by Vice-President of the Iranian Shura Council Mahmoud Sadeghi to pay Iraq compensation for the Iran-Iraq war in 1980.
"The Iranian government has delayed compensation for the Iraqi people because of the ordeal, and now the Iraqi government agrees to repressive sanctions against the Iranian people rather than compensation," Sadeghi said in a tweet on Twitter. 
In turn, the former deputy in the Iraqi parliament, Faiq Sheikh Ali, asked the Iranian government for financial compensation of $ 11 billion, in compensation for "supporting al-Qaeda and bringing it to Iraq." 
In a tweet to Twitter, Sheikh Ali said, The Iranian Shura Council, Mahmoud Sadeghi, Iraq, to ​​compensate them for the war by $ 1.1 billion. On behalf of the families of the victims of terrorism, I demand your country $ 11 billion in compensation for the 1 million Iraqis you killed when you brought Al Qaeda to our country since 2003 under the pretext of fighting the Americans.
The reactions of political parties in Iraq to the sanctions imposed on Iran varied between acceptance, rejection and warning, while the popular factions stepped up their speech against the Iraqi government for its approval of the application of sanctions. 
The Iraqi Prime Minister Haider Abadi, announced last Tuesday, that his government "does not sympathize" with the US sanctions imposed on Iran, but "will abide by them to protect their interests." 
"In principle we are against sanctions in the region," Abbadi told a news conference following a cabinet meeting. "The siege and sanctions are destroying societies and not weakening regimes." 
He added: "We consider it a fundamental error and strategic and incorrect, but we will commit to protect the interests of our people .. We do not interact with them and do not sympathize with them, but we commit to them."

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