Pirates, cybercriminals or hackers plan to launch a large-scale attack on ATMs around the world and withdraw millions of dollars from these devices. 
This information was released by the US Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) in secret, noting that the process comes under the name of "unloading ATMs." 
The hacker-like film-like plan relies on cloned bank cards to withdraw millions of dollars from ATMs simultaneously and harmoniously. 
But before that, hackers should hack the banking applications of the banks they intend to steal, and then eliminate the fraud and deception controls in those applications, allowing the maximum amount of money to be withdrawn from those devices, and even completely unloading all the money in them.
On May 28, 2016, hackers used "malicious software" to facilitate theft of cardholder data for counterfeiting purposes in the so-called "endless process". 
The robbery continued from Saturday to Monday, coinciding with a federal holiday in the United States on Memorial Day, which meant banks were closed for public holidays. 
The plan may target small and medium-sized financial and banking institutions, as they apply less stringent standards than giant corporations, according to the FBI warning. 
The FBI has made security recommendations to banks, such as reviewing security procedures, modernizing banking applications and implementing stronger protection measures, but bank customers and bank cardholders still have to pay attention to their accounts.
He did not know how the FBI got the information about the theft, but said it would happen within a few days. 
Last July, a similar process was limited, with up to $ 2.4 million from Blacksburg National Bank pulled through hundreds of automated conflict devices across the US, but continued for months.