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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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CBI news Main functions of the issuing department and cabinets


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CBI news Main functions of the issuing department and cabinets

Post by rocky on Sun 19 Aug 2018, 2:58 pm

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 August 19, 2018
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The issuing department and the cabinets shall perform the following main tasks:

 Forecast and meet the needs of the Iraqi currency and foreign currencies.
 Execution of the issuance of the Iraqi currency (paper and metal) after the completion of the contract, including the selection of printing companies and houses, and the operations of shipping and delivery to the stores.
 Using contemporary methods in managing currency stores, balancing, in terms of fixed and variable costs, between asking for currency in large quantities or in smaller quantities.
 Execution of the Fund's operations in terms of arrest, payment, documentation, exchange of foreign currency notes, replacement of damaged currency, matching of fortified rooms and funds.
 Execution of the currency counting and sorting, and determining the canceling currency, using medium machines, and comprehensive machines, while working on the sustainability and maintenance of technical equipment.
 Executing the operations of the Iraqi currency and foreign currencies, gold, and secretariats, as well as combating counterfeiting and counterfeiting.
 Ensure the follow-up of banks, matching counting and sorting, and carrying out inspections and monitoring scheduled, sudden and random.
 Implement accounting restrictions for issuing accounts, deposit accounts, and report the results to the accounting department.
Below is a brief summary of the functions of each section and divisions of this department:

Part One: Assistant General Manager of Operations: 
 First. Fund section:
a. Division of arrest and payment:
b.Division of documentation and exchange of foreign exchange movements dollar -
c. Damaged Currency Replacement Division
d. Division of matching fortified rooms and funds
 II. Department of counting and sorting:
a. Division of the unemployed
b. Intermediate Machinery Division
c. Comprehensive Machinery Division
d. Technical Equipment Maintenance Division
. Inspection and Control Division
III. Department of safes:
a. Division of the coffers of the Iraqi currency
b. Division of Security, Gold and Foreign Currency
. Division of counterfeiting and forgery
IV. Department of Banking Follow-up and Compliance:
a. Banking Follow-up Division
b. Division of Counting and Counting
Part II: Assistant Director - General for forecasting and release accounts:
a no. Department of Forecasting and Inventory Management:
a. Division of forecasting the size and categories of Iraqi and foreign currency
b. Currency Stock Management Techniques Division
II. Department of the issuance:
a. Issue and Treasury Operations Division
b. Division of Periodic Reports of Issuance and Treasuries
III. Issuance Accounts Section:
a. Issue Accounts Division
b. Treasury Accounts Division
IV: Administrative and Financial Section:
a. Human Resources and Follow-up Division
b. Mail Division
c. Printer Division
d. Extension Division
. General manager's office

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Re: CBI news Main functions of the issuing department and cabinets

Post by Lobo on Sun 19 Aug 2018, 4:21 pm

Thanks Rocky, this is interesting - it seems the CBI is letting us in on the mechanics of operation -

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