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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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Managing Director of United Bank for Investment - Muhannad Qasim


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Managing Director of United Bank for Investment - Muhannad Qasim

Post by rocky on Tue 07 Jan 2014, 4:57 pm

Managing Director of United Bank for Investment - Muhannad Qasim

Tuesday, 07 December / 2 January 2014 19:24

During 2013, we made ​​the decision to maintain the lead and prestige that we have made
All News / Hassan Hadi
Coinciding with the entry of the United Bank for Investment twentieth year in Employment financial and banking in Iraq and his intention sincere in contributing to the support and financing of economic development projects in all sectors and particularly in the services and for being one of the leading banks in such a field has been able to since the beginning of 2013 and after that exceeded its capital (250 ) billion Iraqi dinars and ahead of schedule, so by the Iraqi Central Bank to move the implementation of the plan, drawn to him by the Board of Directors, especially after the assumption by Mr. Muhannad Qassim position of Managing Director of him, and he figures banking, which is not a stranger to him being a member of the board of directors of the bank and one of the main pillars of the as able and within a short period of re-directing the work and performance in it in the right direction and what he could to maintain the line that Saralih As represented by the efficiency, accuracy and outstanding performance earned under the trust of customers not to mention the confidence of the Iraqi Central Bank and financial organizations and banking Arab and international.
In order to highlight the most important activities and the most prominent goals achieved in the banking business in 2013 had this conversation with Mr. Muhannad Al Kassem Managing Director:
In light of the escalation of the challenges in the financial and banking work Alyotherastmrar establishing a private Iraqi banks and the entry of Arab and foreign banks in the field of competition within Iraq
- What is your assessment of the performance of the bank and specifically in 2013 and What are the main achievements of the most important and what are your projects for the future?
- Starting from the beginning of 2013 and in view of the strong competition in the banking business in Iraq because of the founding of several Iraqi banks after 2003 and the entry of foreign banks and Arab countries have taken the decision need to work so as to maintain the lead and prestige achieved by our bank as a bank Iraqi Raid Based on this, and as a priority and keep abreast of developments have We have prepared a plan for the training and development of human resources that work we have positioned to the role that awaits and the gravity of the duties that Taatsaadhat we were able to evaluate the training courses on the use of banking systems and modern banking operations and improve performance in the English language, where we set up a special section so the task of training and development in all fields., as well as In order to mitigate we have for our customers and to meet the needs of our open additional branches, whether in Baghdad or in the provinces to reach number eight branches in Baghdad and the provinces of twelve branches, including Kurdistan, taking into account the existence of a number of other branches that are under formation.
In order to maintain these achievements and contribute more to the financing of investment projects and on the basis of what has been passed by Congress General Authority of the United Bank for Investment and pursuant to the instructions of the Central Bank of Iraq in this regard has been to increase the capital of (250-300) billion Iraqi dinars bringing our bank on top of all private banks in Iraq in terms of capital.
So as a result of the Rdanva Pursuant to the principle of evaluating the results of activity and commitment to the principle of transparency in the work we have published the results of the results of the bank's activities for the first quarter and the second and third of this year, and as shown in the below where noted observers and observers gross profit realized during this year and this that indicates anything, it indicates the accuracy and robustness of the plan developed by the Board of Directors distinguished and highly motivated and Olosrarakabaraly implemented by all employees, which will be reflected positively on the earnings and shareholders' equity reflects the image clear and beautiful about the reality and the future of the financial and banking sector in Iraq and the success of the monetary policy pursued by the Central Bank of Iraq.
1. First quarter 13271966 billion Iraqi dinars
2. Second quarter 24684971
3. Third Quarter 22542298
Because of the expansion of trade after 2003 and the opening of Iraq economically with all countries of the world and for further cooperation with financial institutions reliable for the purpose of conducting financial transactions that originate abroad on behalf of the bank has sought the bank to expand the network of correspondent banks its own in the international markets for Ograekafahalamilit banking, especially in the Middle East and Europe, where the number of correspondent banks to date (23) Bank, taking into account the existence of negotiations with a number of other similar than other global banks.
As for the banking systems currently in place and for more services in addition to the quality system (BANKS) system is adopted and Swift (WESTEREN UNION) as well as in the future intention to use all the other systems such as the universally applicable (INTERNET BANKING) and (ATM) and (SMS ).
Because the steady technical development in the banking industry and the use of electronic means has led to increased banking services offered by banks and Tnoahowbaltala increasing complexity of banking operations in a market characterized by intense competition. To meet this development and the risks associated with it has become necessary to control the level of risk that takes work and control procedures necessary to control the negative effects of these risks and manage them properly, so we have to form a department specialist running this Almkhatrooda own software to manage the fact that knowledge of the risks and evaluation and management are important factors in the bank's success and development.
In order to enhance the success of which seemed to achieve the United Bank for investment through financial investment in Iraq and in all areas where permitted by law and mutations big Abrabha barriers and obstacles to work in such a field, whether local ones or regional Coinciding with the emergence of the name of the bank as one of the Iraqi banks and the leading Arab The discreet and aspiring sparkle in the field of business and finance through a high level of confidence given to institutions, organizations and unions concerned the assessment of the activities of the banks represented by the institution of international finance and the Central Bank of Iraq and the Union of Arab Banks has been agreed with a group (CT Corporation) American appointed as an agent of the financial dealings of the bank in the U.S. United States of America as much as it is related to the law of citizenship, the U.S., which is one of the important documents required in the consolidation of state banking relationship with U.S. banks and some Arab banks that deal with these banks and abide Ptalimadtha where the company offers under this agency financial services the most important check of remittances and the extent subject to measures to combat laundering CFT being considered as a safety valve.
During this year Aydatoj United Bank of Astthmarbjaúzh creativity and Altmizfa ceremony Kabiralve organized by the Academy of coronation in the United Arab Emirates in Dubai and won the mantle Crjawaúzaltmiswalve is the highest scarf gives in this international event for his outstanding and creative and distinguish between Mthilath of Arab Banks and comes Coronation wonderful a tribute and gratitude for the good work and high quality performance by United Bank to invest in Iraq and its potential in the development of banking operations and advanced high efficiency in performance and success in the banking business excellence and integrated ...
As well have been after the studies lasted for more than six months with the International Finance Corporation (IFC) of the World Bank and through check all acts of the bank signing a cooperation agreement with the International Foundation for the purpose of improving the work of the bank and increase its potential for a period of three years where the purpose of this agreement to verify the availability of the capacity and capabilities required at United Bank for Investment for the purpose of absorbing more business opportunities through the expansion of its corporate customers and the Iraqi banking services offered by leading her to create an economic climate activist and effective. It also supports the agreement efforts the bank in expanding the network of customers and reduce commissions established for the purpose of the development of its business and also contribute in building the capacity of the bank and promote the viability of its business as reflected in the impact of this agreement and clearly on the Iraqi banking sector, which will give the United Bank for Investment head start in the application of the transformation process and follow the best practices Global Banking. Also included an agreement by the institution granting the bank funding ceiling for the purpose of opening letters of credit and foreign bank to open a gateway to more than 250 banks around the world, which enhances the possibility of the bank in supporting and financing foreign trade customers. The agreement also will support this program of regulatory and institutional construction applied by the bank to provide banking services to commercial companies and businessmen to Iraq, including small and medium businesses.
And on the basis of the guidance value of Mr. Chairman Esquire and strengthen the role of the bank in supporting the financial activities that contribute to the national economy and on all levels for the purpose of supporting efforts that achieve better co-chair and membership of boards of directors of companies have got the bank on the following:
1. Presidency of the Board of Directors of Harmony Financial Investment Company (Private Joint Stock).
2. Board member of the Iraqi Company for Industry and Trade cartoons and Supplies (mixed contribution).
3. Membership of the Board of Directors of modern livestock production and agricultural (special contribution).
4. Board member of the Iraqi Company for Date Processing and Marketing (mixed contribution).
The level of projects and future ambitions talk long and begins with the first ambition, but a capital increase to the extent that when we can keep up with the banks operating in Iraq, so that we can contribute to the financing of large projects as well as increase the number of branches operating in Baghdad and the provinces to become a branch in each border port and commercial center The airport and the Mall and increase the number of correspondent banking service to the customer and for the provision of banking services and competitive prices.
We also hope to improve and diversify the banking services through the application and complete the Law of the Iraqi banks.

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