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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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Rasheed Bank Services...


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Rasheed Bank Services...

Post by rocky on Sun Jan 26, 2014 2:26 pm

Rasheed Bank Services...

First: - the granting of credit and banking facilities of all kinds
Second: - The purchase and sale of foreign currencies according to the mechanism of market prices
Third: - The opening of letters of credit
Fourth: - issuing Bills
Fifth: - Services for retired
Sixth: - services to unaffiliated
Seventh: - Rental Filing Cabinets
Eighth: - bonds under collection internal and external
Ninth: - ancestor figure
The granting of credit and banking facilities of all kinds
As the bank seeks to increase its cash resources, it works to expand the areas of operation of such resources through the creation of new frameworks for investment beyond a focus on the financing of commercial activities to include acts of "mixed in other sectors such as production, distribution and transport and contracting government envisaged from behind it to contribute to the support and the development of the national economy and accelerate economic growth and provide aid and supportive of individuals, companies and economic institutions after standing on the nature of the business and financial center and literary each of them and the quality of the project required funding so that he could estimate the size of the facilities and the credit required and quality, such as: - A - Overdrafts: which is to withdraw the overdraft limit on the amounts given.

B - discount bills of exchange and bond trading
C - the issuance of letters of guarantee internal and external: The Bank is committed to make payment within the period mentioned for the purposes that were created.
D - industrial loans: as credit and grants for industrialists and owners of factories and plants for the development and activation of industrial activity.
E - agricultural loans: as credit and grants for Mzaraeian and owners of agricultural land for the development and activation of their agricultural activities.
And - loans for the establishment of hospitals and commercial buildings and tourist hotels: the Bank provides diversified its credit for all commercial activities in Iraqi dinar and the dollar.
G - small loans to the owners of crafts and occupations of individuals Mini
H - housing loans and personal advances to employees and retirees and citizens
Buying and selling of foreign currencies according to the mechanism of market prices
The branches of the bank authorized the purchase and sale of foreign exchange to customers wishing mechanism according to market prices, either directly or through a broker in an auction CBI.
Opening letters of credit
Incoming and outgoing to finance import and export traders and public sector companies.
Issuing Bills
Bank shall issue at the request of the people of natural or moral those who do not keep mostly accounts going with him to repay the amounts owed by the debtors to certain destinations for departments or companies, or be drawn to the order of the beneficiaries of the private sector, and the possibility of beneficiaries, regardless of their status under amounts Bills their accounts open with the bank drawer himself or at other banks.
Services for retirees
The establishment of the bank to pay the salaries of retirees according to streamline the organization.
Services for non-associate
The establishment of the bank to pay the grants and subsidies and salaries to be determined by the government for non-associate in the bank.
Rental Filing Cabinets
The retention depositor Balmusogat and important documents and personal items inside the bank vaults in sealed boxes Amina open before them.
Bonds under collection internal and external
Are all Svetjh or promissory note or instrument or a letter of guarantee uncollectible filed with the bank for obtaining the amount of the debtor in Sindh and credited to the customer or depositor appearance Alakhirand maturity or before or after, as the case.
Ancestor figure
The advances granted by the Bank in accordance with the mechanism and certain controls and concessional interest rate and appropriate and there are procedures for the use of credit cards and ATM machines in credit ..

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