face MP for moving Alaa al - Rubaie, Sunday, a letter to Oil Minister Thamer Ghadban , while noting that he was awaiting response by the minister. 

Rubaie said in a statement received Alsumaria News, a copy of it that "there are inquires and observations of many about the nature of the work of the Ministry of Oil specifically with regard to the size of domestic consumption and the amount of processing to the Ministry of Electricity and crude oil and other oil products , " noting that " by virtue of our oversight and our face letter to the Chairman of the Board in order to address the oil minister to inquire about a lot of notes in the work of the ministry and how dealing with exports of petroleum products and the House of Representatives. "

"The questions directed also includes knowing the size of the total output of the Iraqi refineries of oil products and how much is a domestic production compared to the internal Balaanaaj" and urged " to know the size of the private sector refineries processing inside Iraq , and the amount of processing for each refinery." 

Rubaie stressed that " the presidency of the Council instructed the relevant authorities to address the Oil Ministry to answer these questions and inquiries , " explaining that " the answer to the Ministry of Oil may affect the nature of the discussions within the House of Representatives with regard to approving the budget unilateralism." 

"We are waiting for the minister's response to that."