n Israeli court sentenced former Israeli Energy Minister Gunen Segev to 11 years in prison after being found guilty of spying for Iran. 

According to Israel Channel 10, the former minister and former Knesset member signed a deal with the judiciary, in which he confessed to committing a crime against the security of the State of Israel, and to contact the interrogators of hostile countries. 

Six months after his arrest, the Israeli court sentenced Segev to 11 years in prison for spying for Iran.

The defendant's lawyer said the indictment had been significantly amended, and the offense of treason had been removed from the indictment. 

According to Israeli sources, Segev began cooperation with the Iranians in 2012 and gave them information in the fields of security and energy. 

Segev was recruited by the staff of the Iranian embassy in Nigeria and visited Iran at least twice where he met Iranian intelligence representatives. 

In recent years, Segev has lived in Nigeria and worked as a doctor since he can not practice in Israel after being prevented from doing so because of his failed attempt to smuggle tens of thousands of narcotic pills from the Netherlands.