Secretary - General of the Joint Chamber of Commerce , the Iraqi - Iranian Hamid Hosseini on Saturday, said that the Iraqi market is the first in the import of Iranian goods said, as he pointed out that the Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarifwill visit Iraq next week to discuss economic and political files. 

"The advantages of Iranian goods as well as the cultural, religious and political ties between the two countries have made Iraqis want to buy Iranian goods," Hosseini was quoted as saying by IRNA news agency.

"The US invasion of Iraq in 2003 and the outbreak of civil war have made Iraq need to import many goods from Iran, from food and machinery to electricity and gas, and the embargo on Iran has increased the importance of the Iraqi market to Iranian companies," he said. 

He added that "Iran has become the first source of goods to Iraq and is the second trading partner after China, according to statistics related to the last six months, but there are reports and news indicating Turkey's progress in Iran to take over reconstruction projects in Iraq despite military interventions and support Terrorists there. " 

Husseini added that "Fortunately, the transport industry in Iraq has developed significantly and with the presence of new transport trucks there is no problem in the distribution of goods in Iraq," noting that "

Hosseini pointed out that "Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Jawad Zarif (will visit) this week to strengthen economic and trade relations with Iraq as well as meeting with political officials there."