confirmed that a member of the Services Committee and Construction Parliamentary Huda Sajjad, on Tuesday, on the need for the construction of the electronic access gates. 

Sajjad said in a press conference attended by Alsumaria News that "the file of communications in conjunction with the legislation of the General Budget Law is witnessing a marked decrease in financial revenues," indicating that "the revenues of the General Company for communications monthly up to 14 billion Iraqi dinars." 

"The entry of a partnership agreement with the company symphony Ertlenk into effect decreased with the company's revenues to reach 3 billion Iraqi dinars," adding that "there is a clear waste of public money in the light of the legislative role and oversight work of the House of Representatives and the Committee to follow up the telecommunications sector."

The prosecution called on the public prosecution to "investigate the partnership between the General Company of the Internet and the symphony Ertlenk UAE and accelerate the verification of facts and to stand on complaints and suits prepared by the parliamentary committee." 

"The committee is in the process of legislating the legal umbrella of the Ministry of Communications, the Media Authority and the Communications and Informatics Law to promote the work of the Ministry and the Authority on the consolidation of government revenues for the coming period," Sajjad stressed.