"We welcome and salute the serious cooperation and the continuous and continuous work between the government and the parliament which helped to approve the general budget of the Iraqi state for the year 2009," Abdul Mahdi said in a statement. 2019, and congratulations of our people and all the parties that have worked to accomplish this task, which was interrupted by difficult circumstances in the stage of handover and receipt between two legislative covenants which would not have been possible without the great efforts exerted by the Presidency of the Council of Representatives and the diligent work of its members and committees, "Abdul-Mahdi said in what he called" sincere positions of political forces, which all contributed through discussions in charge and in-depth between them and the various parties to the federal government and local governments of the final vote on the budget in the early hours of Thursday. "He stressed that" the government will examine the amendments and additions added by The Council of Representatives distinguished, and will develop as soon as necessary instructions to start the implementation of budget materials, knowing that the government has already begun to lay the foundations to be a budget in 2020 budget projects and performance and not budget items, which if we succeeded in it will represent a major reform and change than I had The government is working to complete a number of final accounts for the past years in implementation of its ministerial platform, which was based on the confidence of representatives of the people. "He concluded by saying," We hope that this great achievement will be complemented by the other achievement represented by the agreement of forces To complete the cabinet reshuffle so that the government can start with all its capabilities to serve the aspirations and interests of our dear people. The budget of 2019 is an operational budget included the doors of corruption in terms of expenditures and relied on foreign loans at the expense of the future of Iraq and raise the proportion of the budget of Kurdistan to 17% at the expense of the southern provinces and the liberated.