called on Kuwait , Wednesday, Iraq to cooperate with them similar to Iran in customs duties, hoping to dissolve the issue of compensation and property soon. "We hope that Iraq will deal with Kuwait as well as Iran and other neighboring countries in terms of customs duties," the 

head of the chamber of commerce and industry, Ali al-Ghanim, was quoted as saying during a meeting with the head of the Iraqi businessmen union in Basra .

Al-Ghanim added that "the two countries have historical ties, and the Kuwaitis have not received their property in Iraq for 20 years, and the desperation of some of them to sell at cheap prices, despite the assurances of the Iraqi side that the property registered in the taboo guaranteed," and hoped to "dissolve The subject of compensation and property soon because the goodwill of the Iraqi side exists to do so. 

Al-Ghanim said that "the Kuwaitis are not satisfied with the economic situation in Iraq," calling for "the need to develop relations during the next period by giving up the past." 

Iraq has limited commercial relations with Kuwait and KDD enjoys a large business activity in Iraq, in addition to the presence of Kuwait Energy, which has a significant presence in the field of energy.