Rapporteur of the House of Representatives Khadija Ali Turkmani, Saturday, the existence of ethnic distinction to take over the infidels in Kirkuk , indicating that jobs in the province is reserved for the Arab component only. 

The Turkmen said in a statement received by Alsumaria News a copy of it, "The jobs in Kirkuk is allocated to an Arab component of Hawija exclusively, despite the existence of competencies Turkmen qualified from the same institution known for integrity and efficiency and applies to them job description," noting that "the lack of control over the recruitment process in the province led to receipt Personalities for important posts, although they are not eligible within the job description. "

She added that "the federal government is interested in following up this matter and know what is happening in the province and why the Turkmen component is marginalized in Kirkuk," noting that "the local administration does not involve the Turkmen in the administration and nominations." 

She criticized "the existence of ethnic distinction to take up positions in the province of Kirkuk through the exclusion of Turkmen from institutions," pointing to "the existence of certain partisan agendas behind this matter." 

The Turkmen called on the parliament to "investigate the matter and ensure justice in light of which the federal government interfered with the imposition of the authority of law." She stressed that it "follows the institutions and will submit detailed reports on the state of the province to the competent committees in parliament."