MP Alia Nassif called on Monday to confirm the certificates of origin for goods coming from Jordan to avoid the products that may come through Jordan and are not produced in them. 

"It is necessary to confirm the aspects of certificates of origin for goods coming from Jordan to block the goods coming from second origin across Jordan," Nassif said in a statement. 

"The agreement should be reviewed in terms of the names and production capacities of the Jordanian factories in the Ministry of Industry. This issue should be activated by issuing import licenses according to the surplus capacity of each plant and through the Iraqi Trade Mission in Oman, Which in turn certifies the certificate of origin of the Jordanian products, in order to close the road to products that may come through Jordan and is not produced in Jordan, that is, from the second origin.

Nassif pointed to the need for "the General Authority of Customs to issue an explanation on the names and numbers of the coordinator of the customs, as most of the names give the totalitarian of other materials, and this allows diligence in the opinion." 

On January 29, 2018, the Ministry of Industry announced that it was exempting 301 Jordanian goods from customs duties after visiting Jordanian Deputy Prime Minister Rajai Saleh al-Muasher on an official visit to Baghdad to promote bilateral relations in all fields.