occupied Iraq ranked 97 globally and the tenth best Arab countries for raising children, while ranked Sweden ranked first. 

"Iraq is now ranked 79th globally in the best countries to raise children," the US magazine "News", which is concerned with improving the quality of life and health, said in a report read by Alsumaria News. "Iraq is after Pakistan and Iran has accepted the best countries to raise children."

The magazine added that "Iraq has a Nefoussa 38 million and more than 300 thousand local GDP of 197 billion and $ 700 million, ranked the tenth Arab best countries for raising children," noting that " the United Arab Emirates ranked first Arab and 52 globally, followed by Morocco And then Qatar and then Saudi Arabia and then Tunisia and then Oman and Egypt and Jordan and Lebanon and then comes Iraq. " 

"Sweden ranked first, Denmark second and Norway third in the best countries to raise children," the magazine said .