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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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Banks and functions of thinking (Think Tanks), strategic placnning and its importane


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Banks and functions of thinking (Think Tanks), strategic placnning and its importane

Post by rocky on Wed 26 Feb 2014, 6:09 am

Banks and functions of thinking (Think Tanks), strategic placnning and its importane

WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 26, 2014 14:18

Saman Sorani / What is included under the name Iienk Tanks or research centers and Political Studies is only a non-governmental or non-profit and sometimes quasi-governmental organization that research activities political under the umbrella educate and inform the civil society in general, and to provide advice to decision-makers in particular.

It is not necessary to focus only on the banks of thinking matters related to foreign policy or global issues people look at things linked to domestic policies, including economic or environmental or energy issues and agriculture.

In an earlier article to us under the title of "the Kurdistan Region and the role of research centers in the political decision-making"'ve listed the date Nchoٴe Moٴssat thought in the United States and we mentioned the active role of some think tanks as institutions of research policy, which is the assessment of past policies, to put them in their historical context and political sense or you specify the long-term effects of the policies adopted towards friends and enemies.

There Moٴssat Western dealt with in the past and continues to this day to address issues related to the Kurdistan Region.For Knە is time for researchers Kurds as observers participants, especially those who live in Kurdistan, to partake political crises, social and economic afflicting the region and produce in-depth research the most objective, they are to Ayaanon shortcomings systematic, cultural and linguistic afflicting Western institutions. Deem it necessary interest topics generally include political and administrative reform, and external relations of the systems and the driving force, and security issues, and national security, the economy, and they particularly focus on the Syrian crisis and the problem of the Iranian nuclear file and the future role of both Turkey and Iran in the region as well as the study of changes in society and the issues population, education, health and mortality, gender, and identity issues, and employment opportunities for graduates and others, and the causes of unemployment and social movements and the role of civil society and civil organizations, and integrated social policies and social integration, and international policy development, and the role of international institutions and the world population projections.

In terms of policy and the study of media and its role and independence and ownership, industry and public opinion, and information technology, the actual conduct studies on how to address the issues of West Kurdistan and evaluate the performance of the regional and local media. In the economic field must follow the political economy of the region, Iraq and the region and the opportunities for economic cooperation and joint study Bey international policies and the International Monetary Fund and the influx of foreign capital and investment, technology and enterprise development and infrastructure services.

Research centers should be concerned with environmental issues for the protection of natural resources, food security and also evaluates the policies of education, including higher education and the reasons for not developing the level of education, curriculum and language of instruction.

Community awareness of the issue of who takes into account the change and trying to plant this awareness and cared absolutely can reach a state of mutual recognition between the difficulties of the present and future problems. The research and investigation in the elimination of deterioration factors created by the forces of anti-pervasive in our insides, and find their own food from the major regional powers and, it will save our societies from Rtadtha which exacerbated the danger day after day. Is known Onە possible through banks thought to work on plans for the future and for the future Roٴی and project work or a road map, because we live in a time moving strong movement. We need to know the track and the range of values, we need practical and theoretical desperately to scrutinize the meaning of the most, perhaps all the concepts used in the expression of human knowledge in general, and those related to political affairs in particular. And must be left lamenting the values ​​collapsed or the modernity in decline, Humanity is currently experiencing a rebirth with the digital age, it is clear that every era of technical shape human and style of the existential, permission has to be the emergence of an effective new human on the stage, which horrifies religious blocs Ptیaradtha and camps and reduces the glamor slogans The symbols and values.

To emphasize the great importance of the role of knowledge, science and rationality in the world of politics and political experiences of successful and fruitful and useful here we say the wise Greek Plato (427-428 BC. M \ 347-348 BC. AD) in his republic:

"Oh dear Glokon, can not be the demise of the misery of states, and the misery of the human species, unless they have philosophers or philosophizes kings and rulers, the philosophy of true confidence. Any unless unite two forces of political and philosophical in one person, and did not withdraw from the episode judgment of people who only give one these two forces, not stand out .. Republic came into existence does not see sunlight., and that carried me to hesitate to express an opinion I feel that he is contradictory to the public every anti, because it is too difficult conviction that the way to get the individual and the state of happiness. "

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