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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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Ports manager reveals the corruption of ports and customs controls {expanded}


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Ports manager reveals the corruption of ports and customs controls {expanded} Empty Ports manager reveals the corruption of ports and customs controls {expanded}

Post by rocky on Mon 11 Feb 2019, 3:44 pm

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(Baghdad: Al-Furat News) The Director General of the border ports, Kazem Al-Aqabi, revealed corruption files in the ports and customs controls.

Al-Aqabi told the Euphrates News that "the ports and after the issuance of the law of the body No. 30 changed the organizational level to a body," stressing that "the controls of the state and not the armed gangs and can not impose revenue on the state." 
"We are privatizing cases of control of some ports and we have provided a detailed report to the prime minister," he said. "If the instructions for operating the ports and we entered the sea ports in 2017 were complete and we were in control, we controlled them." 
He revealed that "the acquisition of 626 billion dinars revenues of 6 ports in 2018 and 40 billion to 50 billion dinars is the volume of imports through border crossings," stressing that "the state loses billions at the border crossings because of corruption." 
Al-Aqabi said that "
He stressed that "our goal is not only to achieve revenue, most of the departments passing through the border crossings cooperate with corruption," noting that "the border crossings in 10 different departments, including health, agriculture and customs, and confirm the full commitment to the application of agricultural calendar." 
"We have visited the ports of the region and put the executive procedures in the course of our discussion with the ministers of agriculture and finance and found that there is no coordination between the ministries of agriculture in the Kurdistan region and in the federal government," adding that "the introduction of prohibited crops considered them part of the economic crime and directed to the approach of organized crime to undermine agriculture And local industry and we managed four days before the seizure of 4 trucks of tomato harvest. " 
On the smuggling of drugs from the outlets, al-Aqabi said that "
He confirmed that "the smuggling of drugs exists and chaired the committee of Diwani 147 members of the Pharmacists' Syndicate, the Minister of Health and the Director General of Kimadia, and then we were able to control and follow up the drug truck from the entry to its arrival," noting that "the volume of violations amounted to 1486 customs violations in 2018, Non-usable tubule ". 
He disclosed that "the control of (Kabbashi) in the province of Diyala is not under the control of the border crossings, which are under the command of operations Diyala and outside the control of the ports of the region and we could not reduce the process of dumping markets and it needs a joint effort," stressing that "Kabbashi control under control now will be unified customs tariff All the ports of Iraq on February 1 and will abolish the control of Kabbashi. " 
He pointed out that "all border controls and customs centers between the borders of the provinces of the leaders of operations," noting that "
"The decision of the Council of Ministers was issued and participated in the formulation of the region and the issue has been fully addressed and a list of all the materials and the text of the material and the value of the article was put in place and pending its activation." 
He pointed out that "smugglers do not need electronic planes to smuggle drugs," pointing out that "now our border ports do not have [K9] and assumes the existence of this animal in all outlets." 
"I have asked in an official letter to close the Mandali port or provide a counterterrorism force to enter substances harmful to human health and tomorrow we have a meeting with security leaders to strengthen the forces responsible for protecting the border crossings," he said.

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