revealed in the parliamentary legal committee member, Sunday, expressed the determination of his committee to discuss Amatrah in the media about the validity of the previous period of work of the Secretary General for the Council of Ministers MahdiKeywords, while noting that the House of Representatives to resolve the issue of allocations and incentives for employees by proxy, which will expire by the end of next June . 

The committee member Yahya al-Mohammadi said in an interview with Alsumaria News that "the issue of the issue of the relationship and the period of work for a year without an extension of the official we do not have details about the reasons that we are on a legislative holiday now," stressing that "in case there was an administrative measure is illegal, any arrangements or The result is not true and any decisions may be issued in case the extension is illegal is incorrect, what is built on false is false. "
"The issue of agencies has been drastically resolved by setting the end of the month of Hiran this year as a deadline for the granting of salaries, allowances and privileges to the special grades of the agency," he added. "There are legal and administrative procedures for any positions administered by proxy, "We have been working on Mahdi al-Aalak. We will bless his work and the decisions he made in a legal manner, and if, on the contrary, there are legal ways to resolve this matter." 

A member of the parliamentary legal committee Mohammed al-Ghazi said on Saturday that the current Secretary-General of the Council of Ministers Mahdi Alalak will be replaced at the beginning of the next legislative term, while noting that there will be action on decisions made by the relations and salaries received after the end of the mandate of the position Secretary General of the Council of Ministers.

According to documents leaked to the media that the extension of the service of the Secretary General of the Council of Ministers Mahdi Alalak, expired since the first of July 2018, being retired, and those documents indicated that any decision or signature after that date is illegal.