announced the Customs Authority , on Monday, about 40 tons of re - arming shish Iran after failing laboratory tests. 

The Authority said in a statement received by Alsumaria News, a copy of that "the customs authority at the customs center of Manziriya border in the province of Diyalahas returned a consignment of 40 tons of steel shisha because of a difference in the name of the factory as well as visa on the package included in the specification number and degree, which violates the specifications Approved by the Standardization and Quality Control Authority ".

"The Central Agency for Standardization and Quality Control carried out laboratory tests on the mission and confirmed that it did not conform to the Iraqi specifications and the standard specifications adopted," adding that "the legal measures were taken against them and returned to the Iranian side." 

It is worth mentioning that the General Authority of Customs adopts the tests carried out by the competent departments operating in the customs centers on the imported goods and determines on the basis of the entry of the consignments and to prevent the entry of materials that do not meet the Iraqi standard specifications that affect the safety of the citizen.