suggested in the parliamentary legal committee member, on Tuesday, the formation of specialized issues of financial and administrative corruption , a judicial body, stressing that to be independent of all constitutional bodies and enjoy a special law giving judges employed by the "guarantor of their privileges," while noting that the regulatory authorities Could not recover 1% of the billions of corruption in a "third class" ministry. 

The MP Hussein al-Aqabi said in an interview for Alsumaria News, "The figures announced by the Integrity Commission is not surprising, corruption is a dark nightmare lying on the chest of Iraq "The Integrity Commission is an organizational ring within the institutions of the state and its work as the work of the offices of inspectors and other public anti-corruption departments, but when they are subject to or hostage to the political class can not To go a step in the fight against corruption. "

"The corruption, which has several administrative, administrative, technical and political aspects, most of which is the political side," pointing out that "corruption wasted very huge and unimaginable funds have seen the official documents on the amount that was wasted because of corruption in one of the ministries, which is the third category And not from the ministries of advanced or sovereign or the first category or even the second, the amount of waste was in billions and the regulatory bodies and institutions can not recover very small proportions of those amounts do not exceed one percent. 

He pointed out that "corrupt people are working in different ways to try to frustrate the honest class to stop their corruption, to create a state of despair towards correcting this situation, although we are able to hit those corrupt and reduce them to the lowest level, but we need positions and bold and honest and strong and to expose these corrupt and We fear them or cover them. "

He stressed the importance of the formation of a judicial body competent in matters of financial and administrative corruption and be independent and far from all constitutional bodies and has a law of its own and consider all files of corruption from A to Z, and that the judges are granted the highest levels of privileges guaranteeing their lives and may be the headquarters Stable and durable in the Green Zone to ensure that they are not exposed or threatened by corrupt parties to prevent them from performing their role in the best way. " 

On February 18, 2019, the Integrity Commission announced that 11 ministers were referred to the judiciary in 2018. They were issued with 22 referral decisions, 156 with special grades and general managers, and from their rank, 224 decisions were issued against them, while 441 arrests , And that the number of accused who were caught in those operations amounted to 464 accused, and the amounts seized in those operations amounted to (1,610,966,817) billion Iraqi dinars and (133,400) dollars.