The Customs Authority, on Tuesday, all importers to expedite the clearance of their goods, indicating that those who delay it will be considered by virtue of smuggling. 

The Customs said in a statement received by Alsumaria News, a copy of it, that "Iraqi companies and foreign importers and the completion of customs transactions for their goods imported through the southern ports and border crossings land and air freight authorities through international airports as soon as possible and the adoption of customs clearance companies officially licensed by the Director General to clear their goods Exclusively ".

"As of 20 February, all containers of goods whose owners are delayed in their release will be considered as smuggling under the provisions of Article 192/1 of the Customs Law. 

The Commission expressed its hope of all importers to follow up earnestly to clear their goods from the customs estate without exceeding the legal time limit and to miss the opportunity of the weak souls who are trying to obstruct the implementation of government decisions aimed at regulating trade and combating the phenomenon of corruption at the border crossing points. In granting approvals and simplifying procedures for the import or export of goods to ensure smooth trade exchange with neighboring countries and the world. "

The customs departments shall operate in the customs and customs boundaries and may exercise their powers throughout the territory, the territorial sea and inland waters, including lakes, rivers, marshes and marshes in accordance with the provisions of this law.