said Saudi Arabia, it has announced the largest arena of trade on its northern border with the opening of Iraq over the next four months, indicating that it coincides with the official opening of the port of Arar from the Iraqi side , which Riyadh has pledged to create all of its equipment. 

"The Saudi-Saudi coordination council will be held in the Iraqi capital Baghdad next March, and many agreements are expected to be signed and several projects will be launched between the two countries on the sidelines of the meeting," the Saudi ambassador to Iraq Abdul Aziz al-Shammari said. Iraq at its best. "

"The Saudi-Iraqi coordination council will be held in March in Baghdad, and there will be agreements and launch projects. Within the next two months, visas will be granted to Iraqis from Baghdad and the official opening of the Saudi consulate will be opened there," he said. 

Regarding the Arar border crossing between the two countries, the Saudi ambassador in Baghdad confirmed that his country "fulfilled its commitment to establish the port from the Iraqi side and that the construction operations have already started through a Saudi company." He expected "work to be completed in less than four months from now." 

"We expect to open the port officially in June," he said, adding that "Saudi Arabia has pledged to build a full Iraqi port and equipped with all the requirements of any port, infrastructure, office equipment and technical equipment and examination, and within four months will be ready."

Abdul Aziz al-Shammari pointed out that "the border port with Iraq will contain the largest trade exchange between the two countries, and will be on the Saudi side," noting that "with the opening of the port all the goods imported by Iraqi traders from Saudi Arabia will cost less, instead of entering through neighboring countries will be These goods directly, as will be reflected on the economic movement within Iraq. " 

Al-Shammari revealed that "the possibility of using Iraqi businessmen and traders to Saudi ports on the Red Sea in the import and export operations," pointing out that "the road to Hajj and Umrah will be open all year through the port of Arar."