offered the United States a reward of one million dollars for information will help to arrest Hamza , son of the leader of the " Al Qaeda " of the late Osama bin Laden . 

The State Department said in a note that the reward would be offered in exchange for helping locate Hamzah bin Laden in any country under the "Rewards for Justice" program. 

The name of Hamzah bin Laden was placed on the list of international terrorists in January 2017.

Born in 1989, Hamza bin Laden has been involved in al Qaeda operations since 2005, and has published a number of audio recordings and videos, most recently in May 2017, attacking Americans, Europeans, Russians and Jews around the world. 

According to media reports, Hamza bin Laden married the daughter of Mohammed Atta, one of the perpetrators of the September 11 attacks on the United States.