The Guardian newspaper reported on Monday a report on the last strongholds of the organization "Daqash" in Syria, pointing to besieged from all sides. 

The newspaper describes the reality in Baguz that a sudden flash of parts of the second in the skies of Baguz followed by the sound of a powerful explosion and a shock after the explosion of the explosion of a huge idea of ​​the fire flooded the entire neighborhood and burn. 

This description is a scene in Baguz when the missiles struck an ammunition depot of the organization's fighters, urging those who gather in their last stronghold after five years of fighting, during which the organization expanded to include large areas in Iraq and Syria before it began to wane.

The newspaper said that the United States is seeking to finish quickly from the last stronghold of the organization after the adoption of a truce for 10 days to remove civilians, women and children where the fighting began again in Baguz with unprecedented force even during the battles to restore other cities larger than the organization such as Mosul and Raqqa. 

The newspaper asserts that the elements of the organization repel any attempts by the Syrian democratic forces. 

It sees that the Syrian Democratic Forces fighters fail to advance during daylight hours due to the elements of the organization wearing explosive belts and self-detonation, as well as the use of heat missiles aimed at cars and trucks easily. 

The newspaper says that the fighters of the organization is suffering more during the fighting during the night because they lack the night vision cameras provided by the United States to its fighters on the other side.