announced the Integrity Commission, Wednesday, on the results of its fact - finding team in the author Directorate achieve Basra to keep track of social benefits funds that were paid by the Iraqi Oil Tankers Company , the Ministry of Education in the province of Basra projects. 

The Commission said in a report prepared by its team that met with the directors general of the Iraqi oil tankers and education in the province to verify the validity of the information contained in the report of one of the satellite channels and monitored by the Information Center of the Integrity Commission and referred to the Chairman of the Commission on the existence of suspicions of corruption in the disbursement of funds for social benefits from Before the Iraqi oil tankers on the projects of the Ministry of Education in the province of Basra, he stressed that "the amounts allocated to the projects of the Ministry of Education in the province during the previous years amounted to (533.138 million) million dinars."
The report that follows the disbursement of these funds noted that "no new school has been built, and that the rehabilitation of (43) schools of these amounts, distributed by (40) schools in the Shatt al-Arab district, the amount of (450,000,000) , And (3) schools in the district of Haritha allocated to the amount of (83,138,000) million dinars. 

The report pointed out that "the Directorate of Education did not receive any money from the company during the rehabilitation period, as the company took the process of disbursement of funds to the implementing agencies," pointing out "the existence of coordination between the parties; to build schools in general province in the near future after obtaining approval of the province That is to be financed from the amounts of social benefits provided by the company. "

It is noteworthy that the total social benefit funds allocated by the Iraqi Oil Tankers Company to all governorates of Basrah governorate amounted to JD 7,219,261,000 billion, including health services, police command, maintenance of water networks, rehabilitation and development of rivers and date palm cultivation, as well as Basrah International Airport and Arabian Gulf Academy for Maritime Studies. 

It is noteworthy that the Authority announced late last month the results of the investigation of its team of author; to monitor and follow-up the reality of projects and services in the area of ​​Maqal in the province.