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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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Traffic" Kurdish: most banks in the region have not been able to carry out its functions


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Traffic" Kurdish: most banks in the region have not been able to carry out its functions

Post by rocky on Mon 10 Mar 2014, 6:49 am

Traffic" Kurdish: most banks in the region have not been able to carry out its functions


Says the newspaper "Hawlati" The Committee Mufti in the Kurdistan region of Iraq denied buying and selling electronic card campaign, after a steady drumbeat of news for dealing with this card in some areas, the newspaper quoted a member of the Committee Mufti Ahmed Standard as saying that the clerics in the region have agreed unanimously to issue a fatwa prohibition regarding the sale of cards to any person or entity and that it violates Islamic law, because the parties that buy the cards you do not use for the benefit of the citizen, and that is not allowed by Shara and prevents him flatly.
And remember the newspaper in the news, another party to life, liberty Iranian Kurdistan, known as "Bzak" stressed his commitment to a cease-fire with the Islamic Republic of Iran. The newspaper quoted Baran Roselaty member of the Foreign Relations Committee in the party as saying that his party had decided not to remain silent about the security forces of Iran arrested cadres of their party in Sanandaj and the execution of some of them, and that the party will retain the right to deal with this event, but the party remains committed to a cease-fire, announced in 2011 in order not to create problems for the Kurdistan region.
According to the newspaper "Traffic" that most banks in the Kurdistan region has not been able to fulfill the functions of banking, it is better for some of them declare bankruptcy, and that many banks are not able to secure the salaries of its members, the newspaper quoted Director General of the Bank of the province Abdul Rahman Saleh as saying that the bank received some money from the provincial government, but the money is not enough to pay full salaries for the month of February, and pointed out that the government does not have the money back, and they want to pay the salaries of its imports internal staff.
The paper says the news that the number of the last tenants in the region is on the rise despite the building projects of apartments and houses in which the newspaper described as serving only the rich. The newspaper added that the tenants' association statistics indicate that the number of tenants in the region of 80 000 families, representing 31% of the population. The newspaper quoted an investment manager in Sulaymaniyah Furman strange saying that many factors play a role in increasing the number of tenants, including the migration of families from rural areas to cities, and immigration from central and southern Iraq, and the return of thousands of families from abroad to their homes.
Newspaper "Kordstani nuclei" wrote that the green mass, which represents the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) in the Kurdish parliament sent an appeal to the rest of the blocks and public opinion Kurdistan need for the formation of the Presidency of the Parliament within ten days, the newspaper quoted Abu Bakr Hldni member of the Islamic Union bloc as saying that his bloc supports any step could shed pressure toward the presidential election to parliament and forming a government. As announced Fakhruddin capable of Jemaah Islamiah member bloc in parliament, said his party would take a stand about the lack of identification of the Presidium of the parliament.

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