The Syrian war since its outbreak eight years ago, the killing of more than 370 thousand people, including more than 112 thousand civilians, according to a toll transmitted by the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights told AFP on Friday. 

Since mid-March 2011, Syria has been witness to a bloody conflict, which began with peaceful popular protests against the government, which was soon met with repression and force before it became a destructive and multi-party war. 

The observatory has documented the deaths of 371,222 people since the outbreak of the conflict on March 15, 2011, including more than 112 thousand civilians, adding that among the civilian deaths more than 21 thousand children and 13 thousand women.

The latest toll of the observatory on September 13, reported the deaths of more than 360 thousand people. 
In terms of non-civilian deaths, the Observatory counted the deaths of more than 125,000 Syrian government forces and pro-Syrian and non-Syrian armed militants, more than half of whom were Syrian soldiers. 

In contrast, at least 67,000 opposition fighters and Syria's democratic forces, the main component of Kurdish units, have been killed. 

Some 66,000 fighters of the Da'ash organization and the Sham Liberation Front (formerly the Nasra Front) were killed, as well as foreign fighters from other militant factions. 

According to the observatory, these statistics include those who were able to document their deaths during the fighting, and those who died as a result of torture in government prisons or missing persons and detainees in several places in Syria.