revealed a member of the Parliamentary Integrity Committee Ali Alsjeri, Tuesday, about "mafia big corruption" in the Ministry of Finance, as called for Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi , to investigate it. 

Al-Sajri said in an interview with Alsumaria News, "There is a big mafia and rooted in the Ministry of Finance, and the participants of several directorates in the ministry in addition to the personalities and top destinations, whether through people or the way to direct the issue of bringing these," noting that "some of these mafia They claim that the assessment was carried out through the director of the office of Prime Minister Nofal Abu Shun. "
He added that "these mafia came through transfers of employees in the Ministry of Education to the general managers serve from bringing them to these positions by giving them a portion of the percentages spent by the provinces or companies or owners of entitlements investors and the conventional is 7% and now reached 20% , Noting that "these percentages paid by the provinces or companies, investors or others." 

"They went beyond all laws and regulations," he said, pointing out that "the inspector-general of the ministry is fighting this mafia." 

"I have provided evidence, statements and cases to the Integrity Commission, but I have encountered the death of the head of the body, Izzat Tawfiq, but the Commission is investigating this now," he said. 

Al-Sijri called Prime Minister Adel Abdul-MahdiTo "open a full investigation into this file, and make it clear in our own capacity as a committee of integrity on everything that happens in the Ministry of Finance." 

It is noteworthy that the financial and administrative corruption spread in Iraqsignificantly, as Transparency International classified it as one of the most corrupt countries in the world, but the Iraqi government often criticized the reports of the Organization on corruption and considered inaccurate and based on information received through local and foreign companies failed to implement Service projects in Iraq. 

Below is a copy of the injurious orders issued by the ministry, according to MP Al-Sagri: