The MP for the alliance of the conquest, "Mohammed al-Baldawi," Saturday, that negotiations with the Alliance are going to final stages, especially with regard to nominating the candidate of the interior, noting that the two alliances waiting for the resolution of the political blocs their position on naming ministers of defense and education as well as justice.

He said "Al-Baldawi" in a press statement followed by "Iraqi position" that "my allies and others and Fatah reached final agreements on the formation of the government, but they are waiting for the political blocs resolve their position on the remaining ministries."
He added that "the crisis of the completion of the government is not related to the Ministry of Interior only where the conflicts between the Sunni forces on the post of Minister of Defense continues, while the Kurdish forces did not resolve their position on the candidate of the Ministry of Justice."
He said that "what happened from the crisis on the candidate of the Ministry of Education made the selection of the new candidate is difficult can not be decided without scrutiny," noting that "the granting of parliament a long holiday and the preoccupation of the blocks of negotiations in the draft laws is important is the one who chose the final declaration between the turn and opening "