issued the General Administration of Customs, on Friday, a statement on the travel of its Director - General Munther lion out of the country, while suggesting they are under considerable pressure from the views of influential figures to pass requests illegal, including with respect to exempt goods from customs duties. 

"In response to rumors published by pages and accounts on social networking sites about the Director General's travel abroad, the Director-General of the Commission, Munther Asad, traveled to Germany after obtaining official approval for a permit for medical examinations and will resume his duties, After the completion of his leave. "

"The attack of the Director General by electronic armies and social networking pages funded by corrupters is evidence that the reform convoy is moving in the right direction and that the administration of the Authority is moving ahead with the implementation of modernization and development of customs and will not be subject to extortion to retreat from its plans and decisions." 

She pointed out that she "is under great pressure from personalities and influential parties to pass illegal applications, including the exemption of goods from customs duties and intermediaries for the transfer of corrupt employees to border posts and other requests, and that failure to meet created enemies to us," calling for " Will proceed immediately to take legal action and bring legal proceedings against the promoters of malicious rumors and false news. "