confirmed the Legal Committee member of the parliamentary Hussein punitive Monday that 15 deputies in parliament may be due to alterations issue quota of women before the Federal Court, calling for the speedy resolution of the case. 

Al-Aqabi said in an interview with Alsumaria News that "the issue of women's quota in the House of Representatives is a lawsuit pending in the Federal Court, pending the final outcome of it," noting that "the court asked the opinion of the expert who expressed his opinion that there is a failure to count the quota of women."

He added that "this matter has been challenged, and three experts have been asked to give an opinion on this issue and the case is still before the judiciary. The court may require more experience as it is sequenced from one to three, five, seven, nine and twelve, or stop at a certain number and control the case" , Followed that "the final statement in this case is the Federal Court and if the court went to the opinion of the first expert or was the opinion of the three experts in line with the opinion of the first expert, it necessarily will get many changes in the number of deputies." 

He explained that "change can not be accurately defined as a process based on a mathematical equation, but the number of deputies who may be changed between 10-15 MPs and may exceed the number this number, and may come new women to the parliament and out of the current deputies or vice versa," excluded That "there shall be financial compensation for the replacement, retroactive compensation of previous salaries or refund of funds".

"We hope that these issues will be resolved from an early date, so that the situation of the Council will be stabilized and it will continue to carry out its duties because the parliament has gone on for more than nine months and the case is still before the judiciary and may take months," he said. 

It is noteworthy that the Federal Court, recently decided to assign 3 experts to audit the percentage representation of women's quota at the provincial level within the parliament. 

The Federal Court confirmed, Tuesday, November 13, 2018, the constitutionality of calculating the quota of women in the parliamentary seats.