MP for the coalition of state law, high Nassif, on Monday, regretted the opening of the government to the introduction of the positions of public inspectors, despite the parliament's vote in principle on the abolition of their offices, considering it a trend to "break the will" of the House of Representatives. 

"The House of Representatives has voted in principle to abolish the offices of the General Inspectors, which were initiated under the laws of the US occupation authority by the civil governor, Paul Bremer," Nassif said in a statement. Is under the control of the legislative authority and has offices in the ministries, but the executive authority and unfortunately opened the introduction to the positions of inspectors and submitted to the nomination of more than 116 people and began to interview them, all this was advised by some of the supervisors beneficiaries.

"It seems that the executive does not realize how flawed the right of the state to remain dependent on the laws of the occupier after sixteen years to change the regime, and this trend to break the will of the House of Representatives will not benefit anyone, it is better to be harmonious and harmonious work With the work of the legislature instead of this confusion. " 

"The law, which will be legislated by the parliament in this regard, will remove dozens of inspectors who came from the quotas and forced them to the ministries, and the government must wait for this law, which will be an important addition to this regulatory body." 

The House voted in its session held on Saturday, March 9, 2019, in the form of a decision in principle to abolish the offices of the inspectors and activate the role of the prosecution.